15 Best Work Bench Ideas and Different Designs for Your Tool Shed

A workbench is a table that workers use to hold work-related items or material. It is used to facilitate productivity and offer safety to users while giving easy accessibility to their tools.

Functional work benches are also made to save space and lots of storage options to store your tools. In most cases, these benches are made to last for a long time with minimal maintenance or replacement costs.  Work benches are available in different designs and styles.

Here are some garage workbench ideas that you can make use of:

1. Block Bench

15 Best Work Bench Ideas and Different Designs for Your Tool Shed
Source: RougeEngineer.com

Use this workbench idea and create your very own spacious wooden bench. Usually, when working in a factory the need for these kinds of benches arises that has built-in drawers in which things can be placed. This block bench serves the purpose of acting as a table as well as providing storage space.

You can secure your tools in the drawers and add as many drawers as you wish to generate additional storage space. Add in wheels at the bottom to make it easier for the table to be moved from one place to another. The problem with benches is that they are heavy to move which is why wheels facilitate assisting in the movement. Leave space or create holes within the table to allow for cables and wires to pass through.

2. Simply Wood

Source: Instructables.com

Want to keep things simple? Try this work bench idea. The concept is simply to cut out planks of wood and make them in a table that will allow you to put stuff on top and even serve as a seating spot. To make the bench look appealing, paint it with a color of your choice and use it for daily purposes.

Create a solid wooden bench that will be easy to build and last longer in any condition. These types of benches are best suited for informal purposes where the tasks mainly involve factory related work. The trick lies in successfully cutting the dimensions, you can even add a back rest if you wish.

3. Tools Included

Source: BenchCrafted.com

Are you one of those people who want their tools to be by their side all the time? Then this work bench idea is for you. Bring all your tools in one place by making use of this work bench idea.  Save time and space by putting together the required material in one place. You won’t need a tool kit anymore as this bench idea will cater to both, act as a table as well as serve as a spot for tools to be kept.

You can organize your messy workbench by designing it in such a way that it can hold all your tools eradicating the need to search for them here and there. Tools can be quite heavy to carry so why not have them stocked in one place.

4.  Long Workbench

Source: Lumberjocks.com

If you have work that is too spread out then this work bench idea will be of use to you. Usually tasks that involve cutting, sawing and so on require long work benches. Tidy up your workshop with this work bench idea that will allow you to organize things better.  Create a small storage area between the work bench legs where any excessive material can be kept.

Add in trolley wheels to make it easier for the table to be moved. Place handles and hooks on the sides where tools when not in use can be hanged. For commercial uses long work benches are perfect as they fulfill all requirements.

5. Hanging Bench

Source: Shanty2Chic.com

Tidy up your work shop and organize your work tools by utilizing this work bench idea. Supported by wheels, this work bench is perfect for storing items. You will no longer have to search for them here and there because this work bench will allow you to place them in one area.

The flat surface on top can be used for commercial work uses such as cutting and when not in use the work bench can be used to store items. You can add in features that allow you to hang your tools when you are done using them.  Having all your items in one place makes it easier for you to concentrate on your work without getting distracted.

6. Drawer Bench

Source: FamilyHandyman.com

Use this work bench idea to create a drawer compartment work bench. The drawers will provide the necessary storage space while the work bench will allow you to carry on routine work. This work bench can be easily created on your own; all you need are some supplies from the store.

Proper cutting and measurement will result in creation of this work bench. Either make this work bench fixed at one position or add in wheels to move it from one place to another. Keep the top drawers thin while those at the bottom thicker to put in heavy supply and equipment.

The more spacious the better it is as this way you will be able to secure all your items. You won’t be losing your items anymore after having getting this work bench. You can even add in locks in the drawers for security purposes.

7. Small Bench

Source: Lumberjocks.com

If you are an architect and require a bench to place your maps and drawings then this work bench idea is suitable for you. Now place your drawings with ease and discuss with others without losing papers or making a mess.  If you wish you can also add in a compartment where you can store all your paper work (do remember to lock it).

Besides this, small benches can be used for other purposes as well especially where the tasks involved do not require machinery. If you want to add in wheels the choice is yours but mainly small benches do not require as they can be carried easily.  The work bench can also be used as a seating spot so whenever you want to sit down, grab this bench.

8.  Red Bench

Source: WoodsmithPlans.com

Workshops aren’t always aesthetically appealing because of the kind of work being done. Use this work bench idea and add some color to your workshop. The color suggested is red because it’s appealing but at times can go too hard on the eye which is why you have the option of choosing some other color.

Make it a multipurpose shelf by creating storage space between the legs of the table. You may also add in compartment drawers if you wish. Complement the work bench with a stool and create your very own workshop bench. You may add in wheels if you like to make it easy for the bench to be moved. Make your workplace a lively environment to work in and get rid of the gloominess.

9.  All in One Bench

Source: Instructables.com

This work bench idea is a winner as it provides all the things you are looking for in a work bench. With a backrest and two separate tables joined together this all in one bench can meet all the requirements of a work shop. Together with compartment drawers and grids at the front this work bench can support all type of material.

Get a little bit of everything by creating this masterpiece. With multiple storage spots you can now use this work bench to sort out your work problems. Add in wheels at the bottom to assist in movement of the table moving it in different places.

10.  Smooth Work

Source: Finewoodworking.com

Want to keep things smooth and in line? How about trying this work bench idea? With a perfect finish and smooth table look this can double as a storage space along with a work bench. With The sturdy and smooth finish will make the work bench last longer and hold heavy equipment.

Supported by compartment drawers, this work bench is a must have if you are into rough work that requires scratching and breaking. Be organized and keep your things in one place by getting this work bench.  Create holding spots within the corners to place your daily equipment in while you work.

11.  Rolling Mini Bench

Source: WoodsmithTips.com

Make things easier to move with this rolling mini bench. Not so spacious yet advantageous this rolling mini bench is the perfect solution to storing workshop equipment. With places on the side for hanging heavy tools and sliding metallic drawers this work bench is perfect for workshop purposes.

Given the rough environment of the workshops this can adjust well. Workshops normally don’t have a lively interior and care of things isn’t done either which is why rough items should be kept that don’t break easily. This mini bench idea is perfect for use in such an environment.

12.  Large Capacity Bench

Source: GingerandtheHuth.com

Does the work you do require a large space? Are you in need of a work bench that emphasis capacity over all other things. Then this idea might come in handy for you. If you wish to prioritize space over storage go for this work bench. Make your life easier by creating this work bench that will tidy up your work shop and allow you to do your work without being distracted.

Carry out all your activities in one place by getting this work bench that will facilitate in whatever work you wish to do. When not in use, use the work bench as a table to put stuff on or as a place to sit.  The biggest advantage of large work benches are that they allow multiple workers to carry out their work.

13.  Portable Compact Bench

Source: RougeEngineer.com

If you are a fan of being practical then this could be your work bench. This portable compact bench has a storage space where you can keep all your equipment and pints. This work bench is a blend of both storage and capacity allowing you to carry on your work and store the items once the work has been done.

Add in wheels underneath to make it easier for the work bench to be moved out. You can create shelves within the work bench, narrow or broad depending on the need to make the work bench look spacious. It is always a good idea to go with an opinion that supports practicality.

14.  Foldable Workbench

Source: BuildEazy.com

Another brilliant practical work bench idea that will not only tidy up your work shop but also help save on space. Get this foldable bench to keep your daily use items on and once finished you can fold the bench. This work bench can either be attached to the wall and shut when not in use or simply kept open.

The foldable feature will allow you to carry the bench wherever you want, even fit it easily in a vehicle.  Invest in this practical work bench idea to make your life easier and save on space. Decorate the bench or paint it with your favorite color to make it look appealing.

15.  Dropbox Bench

Source: BuildSomething.com

If you wish to fix the work bench with the wall, this working surface is for you. Fix it underneath your wall hanging where you hang your daily use equipment so it’s convenient to use it. Make working easier for you by investing in this work bench and building it.

The work bench won’t consume much of your efforts and allow you to build an object of great use. Having these work benches can assist in daily workshop work. When not in use you can use the work bench to put your things on or even sit down on it.

These are some of the work bench ideas that you can use to make your workshop look better and carry on activities without any disturbance.