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A Word from Fellow Interior Designers
Bryson Kershner“Please give me this opportunity to praise the entire group at Interiordesignpro.org.I successfully advertize and promote on about ten web sites and my experience with Interiordesignpro.org has been the best experience by far. Not only do they do what they say, they do even more. They take initiative. They take responsibility. They take pride in what they do. The entire process was fast from conception through completion and beyond the punch list. In addition, I feel strongly that they will not abandon me. We are in this together and they will help me through the coming years.I recommend Interiordesignpro.org very highly. I look forward to our mutual success. “

Doralicia Soto
“Interior Design Pro is a great way to introduce your work to potential clients, and it is user friendly. It’s easy to upload the information and make updates and the number of designers who have joined the network has increased rapidly, which gives it an important weight in internet and increases the professional projection to potential customers. Interacting with Jason, co-Founder of this directory, has been a great experience. He is very talented, and is always open to help and to address any questions.”

Fransheska Revilla
“I love the InteriorDesignPro listing and the fact that I am receiving many comments about my work. Thank you for your service.”

Jeanette Simpson
“I just wanted to say how much I love the design of the site! It is so user friendly with a clean, fresh design. Well done! I have received several calls from clients and also see my listing showing up in Google. “

Joe Ginsberg
“We are excited to be noticed more by upgrading our listing on your site, for we have gotten two wonderful leads, one of which turned in to a great project and hoping to achieve many more through your wonderful service.”

Joyce Kohn
“I recently added my company on Interior Design Pro. The website is very proactive for people in the design field. I would recommend it to anyone who would like an extra boost in marketing their services!”

Julie Nordby
“Interior Design Pro is working out great for us. I had a new client contact me after she found me on Interior Design Pro. Anything to attract more consumers to our design business is fantastic. Thanks for all you do.
– Julie Nordby “

Laura Schwartz
“Hey Jason…Just an update and a big fat Greek THANK YOU! I really appreciate your follow through and concern. I spoke with your rep last week and she went through the referral verification process with me…she patiently reassured me and my trust and faith was restored! Not only that…I just received a new IDPro referral today..I “JUMPED” on it…and have an appointment this afternoon…(which btw followed an exciting and incredibly connected phone conversation)…Sooooo THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…”

Michael Bellocchio
“I would recommend Interior Design Pro to any designer or manufacture looking to improve their chances of doing business in the design trade today. The website is truly on the cutting edge. It is the opposite of other stale sites for designers that I’ve listed on. The staff at InteriorDesignPro is very helpful and on target with their vision and goals.”

Mo Lindley
“Interior Design Pro is a great place to network with other design professionals. As a member, you can customize a profile with your personal information, background and expertise. You can also share examples of your work. Hats off to Jason for creating such a well thought out and user friendly website as a resource for design professionals. If you are an interior designer, stager, or are in need of design services, this is the place to be. Slowly but surely, new prospects will contact you soon. “

Nicole M. Devito
“If I were an end user searching for a designer, Interior Design Pro would be a wonderful start!!! EXTREMELY user friendly. Everything is very well thought out and I have seen a boost in the amount of people contacting our office. “

Patti Johnson
“Interior Design Pro has been a great tool for our business. I can see that our rankings on Google have gone up. Having a listing here has helped local clients find our firm with more ease. Also, I’ve been able to network with other professionals who offer complementary services to my own.”

Sabine Hayes
“What a great website for homeowners and business owners looking for design professionals! Linking our website to our listing has been advantageous, and I am now seeing more clients visit my website through Interior Design Pro. “

Sue Firestone
“Jason has impressed me with his set-up and efforts on Interior Design Pro! We are hearing from new people who are calling our office (and that is always a good thing). “

“Jason this site is extremely easy to use, and a great way to be introduced to clients. The design photos posted not only give the clients ideas in addition, give the insight of how client could use their space. Very pleased with all that you offer and looking forward to more…”

Terri L. Maurer, FASID
“They have done a wonderful job developing InteriorDesignPro. The site is user friendly, providing a broad spectrum of search options to help customers find designers. The designer directory provides detailed information about each designer, including a photo gallery of their work and areas of specialization. “

Tori Toth
“InteriorDesignPro.org is a great way to connect with design industry gurus. This site not only connects you with quality leads for work, but gives you an opportunity to connect with others in the industry. Designers can use this site as another outlet to market on social media. Whether you’re looking to enter the world of design, are a veteran who needs advice, or want design/staging services this is the place to be!”

Valerie Gavins
“This is a good site to meet other business owners and promote your business. Thanks for allowing Clutter Jeannie to be part of Design Pro. Our listing looks clean and professional. “

Vivian Beechinor
“InteriorDesignPro has provided the design community with a way of letting our businesses be known to future clients, and for us in the community to exchange ideas. Thank you InteriorDesignPro. I have had several new clients call my office since I have listed my company.”