15 Cool Basement Decorating Ideas & Designs to Transform your Empty Space

The basement can be used for multiple purposes, from acting as a storage space to an entertainment area. However to make your basement a fun-filled area, check out these cool basement decorating ideas and designs.

1. Let the Light Come In

Let the Light Come In decorating idea
Source: Freshome

Don’t you just love the interior in this basement decorating idea? The black leather sofas fit well with the white walls of the room. Keeping the wall theme white makes the room look spacious. White is one color which can match with almost anything. Instead of selecting carpeting for the entire room just have it placed underneath the rug.

Select an ebony cut coffee table or any other of your choice that can be used for casual preferences. If your basement has an external entrance you might want to opt for a transparent door. Let the fresh air pour in by installing windows that can open easily.

2. Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

Another gorgeous basement decorating idea, this one can really light up the environment. With a light blue painted wall covered with one size photo frames, this idea can really improve your mood. Put up your favorite quotes on the wall or pictures of your favorite moments. Choose a one-toned sofa set perhaps a golden one and opt for an armchair that has a darker shade.

Place a rectangular coffee table in the front where you can place magazines or books that you read. Design your basement into a mini cinema by installing an LED TV. Then call over your friends to have a good time. Basements often have small windows and aren’t exposed to light so much. Lighting helps make the room feel bigger and adding bright lights will fill in the need for the small windows. In order to reflect light, you may also hang mirrors strategically in the room.

3. Shades of Gray

Source: Beautifauxcreations.com

This basement decorating idea provides the look similar to that of a living room. The dull gray color sets perfectly with the furniture that has a touch of blue added to make the room feel alive. The white coffee and side table mix perfectly well with the interior and are wide enough to hold things. The lights added are not too dim nor too bright, giving rise to a peaceful environment.

Place in a lamp of your choice on the sides to complete the look. You can also design a painting on the wall to complete the look. Place a magazine rack beside the sofa or a small book rack in which you can store books that you read daily. You can also select an L shaped sofa or go for the one as shown in the picture.

4. Game Time

Source: Terrablades.com

If you are a fan of pool then this basement decorating idea is for you. Place perfectly polished and marble-edged pool tables that will allow you to play on weekends or whenever you are free. Together with a glass of wine enjoy a relaxing game in your basement.

If you have the space and the budget for it, you can design an aquarium and let your favorite fish welcome you every time you visit the basement. Having an aquarium will not only keep your basement interesting but also provide a peaceful environment. An aquarium combined with a pool table is perhaps the best combination you can get.

5. Shine Bright

Source: Denvertomorrow.com

If you want to let the light pour in try this cool basement decorating idea. Give rise to a well-lit basement using recessed lighting and leave space for a small window. This will allow your basement to be blessed with sunlight. The availability of light generally makes the room look bigger and you should always leave space for a window.

If you are looking for a place to relax at or want to watch your favorite movie in peace, go for this modern day themed basement design idea. Simple yet elegant, the basement comes with a leather sofa followed by an armchair. A cabinet provides storage space and décor items are placed to make it seem elegant and beautiful. The overall theme of the room is kept dull so that an individual is exposed to a calm environment.

6. Bold and Beautiful

Source: aprar.net

Bold and bright, this basement idea is cool for a drink night with friends. The bold red color is eye catching and makes a style statement. The white and red colors blend perfectly and so does the L shaped sofa set followed by a simple square shaped dark brown coffee table.

The wall lights make that the basement is well lit. Hang in a mirror that will reflect the light allowing the room to look more spacious. Have shelves installed that will hold décor items and give a more formal look. Red is an attention-grabbing the color that can add that a striking touch to almost anything. Having said that people, who opt for this shade, are more likely to be bold and daring.

7. Keeping It Casual

Source: Finding Home Farms

The bright and bold colors used in this basement decorating idea not only add to the drama but also are eye-catching. The combination of bright and dull is perfect to promote the design of a spacious basement. The drawback of using a lot of bright colors is that they make the basement look smaller. This is why neutral shades such as gray, white, light brown should always be incorporated.

In this décor idea, there are two neutral shades present in the big furniture pieces. The supporting accessories such as the cushions, ottomans, and chairs are of brighter colors which mean that they are contributing towards a lively environment.

8. Redefine Elegance

15 Cool Basement  Decorating Ideas & Designs to Transform your Empty Space
Source: Blumuh Design

Doesn’t this basement decorating idea seem like you are traveling on a lavish cruise? The wheel-shaped hangings on the wall surely promote this view. Get a centralized cooling/heating system to make sure enough air is present in the absence of windows.

This neutrally toned basement idea with dark shaded furniture and a multipurpose ottoman is the complete answer to acting as a relaxing spot. It is spacious and has just the right amount of lighting. The beauty of this basement design lies in the furniture placement.

9. It’s All About the Blues

Source: designdeveloprealize.com

Calm and soothing, these are the words that come to mind after viewing this basement idea. This is perhaps because of the sea green theme that has been chosen for the walls. The wooden cabinets and flooring add to the luxurious touch that the basement displays. The basement consists of all possible necessities that you may require from a TV to a fridge.

Eliminate the need to rush to the kitchen every now and then. Instead, this basement design will make sure you have all the items needed in one place. Relax and have your favorite meal in this beautiful basement.  Plus, the presence of a sink is also available in case you need to wash dirty dishes.

10. Let’s Meet At The Bar

Source: Ruchi Designs

Fond of having a good time every time you visit the basement? Go for this cool basement decorating idea that will provide you with a bar in your very own house. Next time you want to host a party, the basement would be a good option to consider.

The bar in this modern basement design will let the homeowners enjoy meals together while challenging each other to a game of pool. The overall theme isn’t too funky either with decent furniture placement. The lighting isn’t too bright and chairs are present next to the slab-like a table where you can sit and have your favorite meal.

Overall the room is quite spacious which means if you want to call friends over you can without having to worry about accommodation.

11. Kids Like It Bright

Source: BradCarter.Me

A treat for the kids, this basement decorating idea will make sure your children never leave the house. The colorful and bright patterns are eye-catching and perfect for the children. Since dull colors are not a favorable option when it comes to children, it is always a good idea to opt for colors as shown.

Create a small seating area where children can color or paint. Instead of hanging frames on the wall you can also design their favorite characters painted and add in accessories that they like such as stuff toys. Leave space for the installation of a cabinet where supplies can be stored. This means they won’t have to go anywhere else to look for them.

Go for bright colored furniture that children will be attracted to rather than typical basement furniture.

12. Game Night

Source: masters-mind.com

Another pool inspired basement decorating idea that has a separate area for the placement of the table. The mini lounge on the side will allow you to watch a movie or your favorite movie show. The theme of the room has been kept light and not too bright. Wooden floors have been selected and a bar is also present on the sides. Have a drink while playing pool and enjoy your weekends in the basement. Call over your friends and challenge them to a game of pool.

13. Separated By a Slider

Source: fatare.com

Fireplace, living room and a separation in between for privacy, this basement decorating idea will let you entertain a large number of people. Spacious and beautifully designed, use this basement idea to host a party or a game night. In winter nights cozy up by turning on the fireplace that will allow you to remain warm and comfy.

Maintain your privacy by adding a slider in between and watch your favorite TV shows without being disturbed. Further get the ceiling designed properly to provide a lavish look. To complete this look, hang a chandelier that will lighten up the atmosphere

14. For The Perfect Escape

Source: LolaVisuals.com

Colorful, comfortable, spacious and elegant; these words describe exactly what this basement idea shows. The blend of bright and dull colors projects a wonderful picture where you are exposed to both ends. The choice of furniture is perfect with a multicolored armchair and one tone sofa accompanied by colorful accessories.

The wall colors remained dull in gray while the interior is slightly brighter. The spacious basement has room for a fridge and a small seating space where you can sit and have your favorite meal. This basement design is the perfect escape when you want to remain in isolation.

15. Rejuvenate In the Basement

Source: StyledbyJames.co

Although basements serve many purposes, one of the main purposes behind their founding is the need for storage space. As you can see in this basement decorating idea that the shelves and cabinets have been incorporated where things can easily be stored. Tidy up your house by neatly organizing the things that you don’t require on a daily basis. Make the storage units go from the ceiling to the floor so that maximum possible things are stored.

Get furniture that provides multipurpose such as ottomans with a lid removing feature. However just because it’s a storage area doesn’t mean it can’t be presentable. Complete the basement look with a sofa. Add in wall scones or wall lights that will provide an environment you are looking for.

These are some of the cool basement decorating ideas and designs that you can use to make your basement look good. Light up your basement!