How to Plan the Perfect Small Bathroom

A small bathroom does not need to be a poorly planned space. Just a few touches can make a bathroom feel twice as large and will still feel like a spacious room in your home. Shift your focus to make the bathroom a comfortable and relaxing place, and you will no longer need to worry about the size of the room.

There are plenty of things you can do from the very beginning of the design process to the finishing touches that can assist in saving space in your small bathroom.

How to Plan the Perfect Small Bathroom


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when dealing with a small bathroom space is light. Do everything you can to utilize the given light you have. This could mean installing a skylight, or opening up the room with one or more windows. Large mirrors will always make the space feel double the size. Consider using the walls as mirrors.

If you cannot make these larger additions to your bathroom, focus on little tricks that can work. Make sure your light bulbs are at the brightest light possible, and place lamps or halogen spotlights where they are necessary. Paint your walls white so that it will reflect the given light available. The bright white will make the space feel larger. If you are installing wallpaper, focus on bright patterns and designs. You can easily change the wallpaper over the course of the year.


Since your small bathroom will already be cramped, focus on the minimal amount of pieces of furniture you will need to make for a complete bathroom. If you can, design built in furniture to incorporate the existing space.

This could include storage drawers under the sink, or mirrors that work as a dual cabinet as well. Perhaps instead of a bathtub, you can incorporate a walk-in shower to save space. You can install a heated towel rail that also acts as a rack for towels and clothes. Think outside your limits to minimize the amount of furniture you will need for your bathroom.

Pick out light, white colors for your furniture so they reflect off the existing natural light. Mirrored furniture is also a great choice to make the bathroom feel larger.


Not only does tiling on your walls make the bathroom easier to clean, by choosing the right color and size, tiles can transform your small bathroom into a spacious space. Focus on large over-sized tiles and neutral and light color schemes. Matching the tiling from the walls and the floor will also open your bathroom.

Color Schemes

Keep the color scheme bright and light with a pop of color through small accessories such as towels, soap containers, door knobs, lamps, etc. The background color could be a white, off-white, beige, or gray and choose a favorite color for an accent.

Your bathroom does not need to be solely a necessary room in the house. You can transform it into a place where you creatively come up with solutions to best utilize the space.