Interior Design One Room at a Time

Though much needed, an entire home facelift can cause anxiety when looked at as an entire project. Having colors, patterns, and themes all laid out at once can seem an overwhelming concept, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Focusing your interior design one room at a time can make things more manageable, and help you adjust your budget as you move along. Your interior designer can help with this plan, so it is now simply a case of choosing what room to start with.

Interior Design One Room at a Time

Interior design one room at a time

Knowing where to start is the key to a domino design plan for your home. Your first task is to walk your house from top to bottom, making mental notes on what elements are most in need of change. If everything seems to fall onto this list, there’s still no worry. You will want to begin with what you consider your most significant room- which one says the most about you as a person, and will be the central focus of your new design plan.

For example, many families regard the kitchen as their most used space. Visitors to your home may enter through the kitchen door, or it is simply the central socializing area with breakfast tables, homework stations, and of course meal preparation. If it is another room, such as a living room or master bedroom, there’s no need to stress. Simply adjust your plans to start with that room.

Color first

Working with your interior designer, take a long, hard look at your anchor space. Take into account light patterns, existing furniture, and traffic flow. Once you have these elements locked in, and how you are going to change them determine what your colors are. A kitchen is a great opportunity to play with more whimsical colorations, where pinks, luscious greens, and even browns can be used to create an inviting space. Interior design one room at a time is all about building off of each project, so remember that your next color will be chosen based on your initial room choices.

Should the kitchen receive a darker palette of blue, for example, you will be looking for your connecting room to have a blue tint as well to carry the motif into the rest of the home. This could mean a base color of a cream with a tint of complimenting blue in the paint. By going one room at a time, it’s simply a matter of focusing on that one space, but remembering the next room will be matching in some way.

Furniture choices

Keep in mind what spaces are used for what purposes. In the example of the kitchen as a primary family space, there is a homework area as well as an informal space for meals- this means you don’t need to re-create these areas in other parts of the home. Your kitchen design might take on a remodel at the same time, so a kitchen island might be put in for family socialization use or for storage. Again, there is no need to repeat in later rooms.

One thing to consider is the overall look of your furniture choices. Though your home interior design project will be accomplished one room at a time, there is still an overall theme involved. The master bedroom should not be redesigned with an ultra modern look while the kitchen choices lean toward antique woods, such as ladder backed chairs and barn door table space. Take a bit of time with your interior designer and decide what your overall statement will be. Once you have that, simply go with the flow and enjoy exploring your designing creativity.

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