15 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas to Systemize your Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen can make cooking and baking a more pleasant experience for you. Having easy access to everything increases your functionality. No matter what the size of your kitchen, you can use various kitchen cabinet organization ideas that will help you keep things in order.

There are many trendy and fashionable storage options which will instantly provide storage space. You can also invest time in DIY projects for more intricate designs of cabinet organizations. Here are a few ideas that you can follow for inspiration:

1. The Big Pantry

15 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas to Systemize your Kitchen
Source: BrightonandHove

One of the most useful kitchen cabinet organization ideas is to invest in as many storage places as possible. Getting an entire cabinet with three drawers, four cabinets and a pull-out shelf is a great idea. This storage space will be enough to keep all your ingredients neatly in one place.

This is a plain white cabinet that is simple in design yet comes with several storage options. If you have a wooden theme, this cabinet will complement your kitchen. It will also create a personal pantry where you can store all your ingredients. The pull-out door has five shelves increasing the space provided by the cabinet to organize your kitchen essentials. With this idea, you can have all your kitchen essentials stored in one place.

2. Pull-Out Drawers

Pull-Out Drawers
Source: Ilecip.org

If you are looking for a luxurious yet spacious kitchen cabinet organization idea, installing a cabinet with drawers would be quite useful. The cabinet will not only protect your supplies, but would also merge with rest of your kitchen’s décor.

On the other hand, the pull out drawers will give you space where you can store your ingredients. A walnut brown kitchen cabinet with hazel drawers will also create a beautiful contrast of shades. You can also DIY your organization space in order to add as many drawers as you want to the cabinet. This is a simple way of creating your pantry while still keeping everything organized and aesthetically pleasing.

3. Horizontal Cabinet

Horizontal Cabinet
Source: Chanderifilm.com

Certain storage options are able to blend well with the rest of your kitchen. For instance, one of the kitchen cabinet organization ideas that might suit you is installing horizontal pull-out cabinets. They will give the look of drawers and still offer you the space to store cutlery, pots, plates and pans as well. Horizontal pull-out cabinets are also useful when it comes to storing canned foods, jars and other items in your pantry.

You can install pockets to neatly stack everything in separate sections. For example, pockets will help you organize spoons, forks and knives in separate sections. This will allow you to easily pick out whichever you need without having to look through them. Pockets in horizontal pull-out cabinets can be made with storage boxes or different DIY material. These can include wood or metal, depending on the material used for the actual drawer.

4. Double-Door Cabinet

Double-Door Cabinet
Source: CristianHerreraPalomo.com

If you seek more storage space than usual, it is good to install a proper cabinet with double doors. This kitchen cabinet organization idea provides you with plenty of space on the inside. In addition, there are extra shelves for small things on the inner side of the doors.

The built-in shelves serve as pockets to store jars, cans and packages. The sections inside the cabinet will allow you to store larger packaging of food products. You can also use the space to store utensils and pots. The open storage can be equipped with storage boxes or baskets where you can neatly stack pantry items as well. This white with wooden look is a classic pantry style and a neutral trend for contemporary kitchens.

5. Removable Shelves

Removable Shelves
Source: KevinRamey.com

If you are finding it difficult to reinvent your pantry, you can still use this kitchen cabinet organization idea. One thing that you can do is install removable shelves, pockets and containers. A great thing about this cabinet organization is that you can always re-arrange your storage whenever you want to change things.

The portable shelves are small, so are mainly used to hold your kitchen’s cutlery. They are not very bulky, so they can fit in tinier spaces and still leave space for other objects to fit snuggly. They create a good area for placing your dish sets and utensils.

6. Lid Hangers

Lid Hangers
Source: Escarrega

If you cannot seem to find a proper way to store the lids of your utensils, then using hangers inside kitchen cabinet doors is an easy and quick way to create storage.

Small kitchens do not have the space for containers and similar objects around the kitchen where you can keep your lids. Glass lids need more attention and care as to not break. Hangers for lids are easily available and they are also sturdy enough to place the lids of different sizes. You can use one or more cabinet doors to execute this simple cabinet organization idea.

7. Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves
Source: Kitchen Source

Another way that you can make storage space inside kitchen cabinets is by installing storage racks inside the cabinet doors. This is an affordable organization ideas since all you need are storage racks. You can stick these storage racks made from plastic or metal inside any cabinet.

For instance, storage racks under the kitchen sink will be useful to organize cleaning items including washers and scrubs. You can also install them around the cooking area which will help you organize pantry items such as cans, tins and boxes of food.

This simple storage idea is suitable for small kitchens as well since you don’t need a separate space to install them. They will help you clear up shelves by stacking up everything neatly inside out of sight, out of mind.

8. Open Pantry

Open Pantry
Source: Nina Hendrick Design Co

This open storage is among kitchen cabinet organization ideas that offer plenty of space to place your food items and utensils. This is an all-white cabinet without the doors equipped with pull-out trays and shelf space for organization. Since the cabinet is divided into different sections, each section has different size to create space for your various things.

You can adjust this cabinet idea into your kitchen in order to keep everything in your reach. Since this is open storage, you can also use it to place fresh food items. Besides that, you will get space to organize jars, cardboard boxes, bottles and containers. The open storage idea will make your kitchen pantry look trendy as well.

9. Hanging Cleaners

Source: Blissfully Domestic

There are kitchen cabinet organization ideas which are specifically useful for cabinets under the sink. Sink storage is usually filled with spray cans, cleaners and other knickknacks which become difficult to organize as things stack up.

Installing tension rods inside sink storage cabinets will give you the space to hang your spray cans. You can use the remaining space for storing boxes, cans of cleaners, construction tools and other assorted items. This is an easy and affordable idea that will instantly free up some space so you can organize around the kitchen.

10. Pull-Out Cabinet

Source: Classy Clutter

If you are looking for DIY kitchen cabinet organization ideas, you can try a pull-out cabinet that can be made at home. This is a cabinet with nine shelves that can be made using DIY boards and removable shelves. Adding wheels to the shelves will make it easier to pull out and push back in.

This is a creative idea that you can try based on how many shelves you want and how large you would like them to be. Once you are done with the construction, place it between a wall and refrigerator. The final result will completely close your kitchen cabinet and give you the ideal pull-out cabinet look. The storage space can be used for canned goods and items not in need of refrigeration.

11. Measure Board

Source: Tidbits from the Tremaynes

This is one of the kitchen cabinet organization ideas that will come in handy while you are cooking or baking. This is a built-in chalkboard in the cabinet door equipped with hooks to hang measuring spoons. Besides that, the chalkboard is used to list the measuring sizes so you can easily follow recipes while you cook. It provides easy access and skillful organization.

This organizational idea will help you neatly place your measuring tools. You can also use them according to the serving size for the recipes you make. This DIY kitchen cabinet project only needs a black sheet which has two rows of metal bands to attach hooks for the measuring spoons. You can write down the information once you have created your board.

12. Spoon Hooks

Source: Jenna Burger

When it comes to kitchen cabinet organization ideas, everyone looks for ways to keep as many items inside cabinets as possible. There are many ways to free up space on shelves and stack things inside cabinets now.

For instance, using hooks inside the cabinets to hang cooking spoons is a great way to organize them. You can use as many hooks as necessary so all your cooking utensils are neatly hung inside the cabinet doors. This storage idea is also suitable for smaller kitchens to make them less congested by storing things inside the cabinets. You can attach other items to kitchen cabinet doors to further increase your storage space as well.

13. Tray Style

Source: She Wears Many Hats

Built-in drawers and trays are a modern commodity that looks elegant and trendy. This is one of those kitchen cabinet organization ideas that anyone can install in their kitchens. The drawers are slide-outs with special sections and moulds to store utensils. The special sections create the space to neatly fit everything into the drawers.

These horizontal shelves and trays can be installed without taking up too much space in your kitchen pantry. You can also use them for storing food items instead of using moulds and pockets. The tray style drawers can be pulled out to hold the washed utensils until they dry. Once they have dried, you can put them inside the cabinet pockets.

14. Pull-Out Drawer

Source: Cabinetry by Diamond

There are pull-out drawers that can be installed within cabinets and serve as one of the best kitchen cabinets organization ideas, holding big and heavy pots. These pull-out drawers are installed within the cabinets and usually made from wood or metal. They are not only useful but also quite trendy and suit the needs of a modern kitchen.

You can easily access utensils and food items through these slide-out drawers. They are installed within existing cabinets in your kitchen. Plus, they take up less space and create additional space for organizing everything. You can choose shapes and sizes or DIY pull-out drawers according to your cabinets’ size.

15. Hanging Utensils

Source: RemodelaCasa

If you have a pantry cabinet door that you want to utilize for storage, you have many options to do it. For instance, one of the kitchen cabinet hook ideas for larger cabinet doors is to attach hooks to hang not only spoons but pans as well. Most of the time, storing pans and pots can be a difficult taste. However, if you want to align them neatly, simply stack them with help of hooks inside the cabinet door.

This idea will be useful for cabinet doors that are sturdy as well as large. Instead of placing your utensils outside, you can put them inside the cabinet and still leave space for other objects as well.

Go with any or all of these storage options to organize your kitchen better. In the end, you will find that you have a fully functional kitchen that now offers a lot more work space than ever before.