Transforming your Kitchen into a Vintage Style

The modern kitchen is currently a popular trend for most people, but why not switch it up and go for a vintage kitchen instead?

The vintage look will never grow old and has the homey old-fashioned feel that the modern kitchen will not have. The kitchen is meant to be a place where you are comfortable both working and engaging with your family and friends. It needs to be a place where you feel completely at home so that you will want to spend time in the kitchen.

Opting to transform your kitchen into a retro-style does not need to be an expensive task. If you are not looking to completely renovate or restyle your kitchen quite yet, you can always slowly bring in new additions.

Here are just a few things you can do to turn your kitchen into a vintage sanctuary where you will want to spend all your time.

Transforming your Kitchen into a Vintage Style


You can quickly change your color scheme in your kitchen by changing out the tablecloth, towels, curtains, and napkins. Choose warm, bright vintage colors such as reds or blues to complete the look. Consider painting cabinets and drawers to match the color scheme. Since most of these ideas are replaceable, you can quickly transform your kitchen depending on the seasons or holidays.

Replace the Hardware

The little details will go a long way to creating the perfect vintage kitchen. Something as simple as changing out your cabinet and drawer knobs will add to your kitchen. You can find classic glass knobs or silver and gold tinted ones in most hardware stores. All you need is a screwdriver and a little bit of time.

The vintage style celebrates antique appliances and tools. This is great because even if there are some wear and tear in your kitchenware, it only adds to the overall feel of a kitchen that is loved and used to its full potential. You can also add pieces to your collection through rummaging in secondhand and antique stores.

Add Furniture

Adding a few pieces of vintage furniture such as a table set or a cabinet can make an enormous difference. These do not need to be extremely expensive. In fact, the older it looks, the better. Check out your local second-hand store to see if they have any pieces of furniture you can take and update. If you are not a natural handyman, you can just repaint the furniture and leave the physical flaws as part of the style.

Open your Storage

The modern kitchen is clean and tends to hide all the extras of the kitchen. The retro style takes pride in each mug, each fork, and plate. Let these pieces shine by displaying them in a cabinet with glass doors. If you do not already have pieces of furniture that will work well with this, you can quickly build your open cabinet to display these.

Little Touches

Bring in the little touches such as a vase with dried flowers, a vintage inspired painting, the retro lampshade in the corner. Add in decorations that will make your kitchen reflect your personal style and interests.