15 Outstanding Country Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Styles

Country bedrooms are usually very different from other bedroom decorating ideas, giving off a calm and cool vibe. There is no restriction of what colors or type of furniture to use but mostly simple and a traditional look is preferred to match with the surroundings. Combining the two elements of casual and comfort gives you a perfect outcome where country bedrooms are concerned.

1.  Wood and White

15 Outstanding Country Bedroom Ideas & Decorating Styles
Source: The DIY Mommy

This country bedroom idea gives off the serene and calm vibes that you may want in your bedroom. The classical dark wood flooring really brings out the best along with the all-white and light colored theme. The color and polish of the bed is also very light instead of the typical dark tone. This makes the bedroom look more clean and spacious.

However, this decorating style means you need to clean properly and frequently to maintain the fresh and clean look. Adding a rug instead of carpeting the whole floor is a great idea since this too, will make the space look bigger. It will also show the dark wooden flooring.

2. Floral All the Way

Floral All the Way
Source: HomeDesignLover.com

This country bedroom idea is one of the ‘cuter’ ones instead of the simple and subtle ones. The combination of off-white and pink gives it a traditionally sweet and welcoming look. The addition of flowers to the decor gives it a more country room appearance. To add more of the same theme to this bedroom, you can add a light pink colored wallpaper. Or better yet, a light colored wallpaper with pretty pink flowers will look even nicer.

The windows give symmetry to the room and placing two similar and equal sized lamps on both side-tables will compliment this and also be a good addition to the lighting of the room. Choose duvet covers and other bedding to further complement the look of flowers and bright colors.

3. White Glory

Source: Faded Charm

This country bedroom idea showcases the best lighting. It as many other plus points but good natural light flowing in is perhaps at the top of the list. This design style shows what a big difference the size of your window can make to the bedroom. Make sure that your country bedroom faces the sunny side and add taller windows like this one to it.

Add in thin fabric based curtains that flow with the breeze from outside and you are all set! The wrought iron bed looks quite comfortable with the cozy pillows and cushion setting. Other pieces of furniture are also very simple and not too bulky so that they crowd the space.

The chandelier is exquisite and possibly all the decor needed on the roof or walls. If you do want to add a bit of color to this, using lavender or other similarly colored flowers in a vase will be the perfect idea.

4. White Elegance

Source: Lynzy Co

This country bedroom idea can be a very graceful and subtle addition to your country house. The light grey and white theme looks beautiful and elegant. The bed is not a very contemporary design yet fits right in with the room. The side tables are well chosen as they are small but have just enough space to place big lamps.

Instead of the typical setting with chairs, sofas or a couch, a divan has been used. The choice is well sized so that it does not block the way in the bedroom space. To add more color and life to the bedroom decor, use some lightly colored cushions or rugs. A light tone of sky blue, lilac or pink will complement the theme quite well. Adding similarly colored chimes near the window is also a good idea.

5. Style Statement

Source: Tucker and Marks

This country bedroom idea is a nice break from the typical light themed options. It has more decorating design, color and thought put into it. The four poster bed adds the ever popular and traditional look to a country bedroom.

The curtains allow to experiment with lots of colors and patterns. The dark wood furniture goes very well with the off white and yellowish tone of the striped wallpaper. Even the rug on the floor is striped. The lamps used are of a light tone too and will add a soft glow to the room at night when there is little light from outside.

6. White with a Touch of Sky Blue

Source: Ashbourne

A lot of colors look good with white. But instead of opting for the typical grey or brown tone, opt for this light blue or sky blue tone. Not much is needed to decorate the room when a color scheme so unique is used. Simply adding a light blue decoration piece and a wall hanging has done the trick.

If you add the same light blue colored curtains too the room it will look more colorful. But if you want to keep it subtle and not too bright, make sure there is more white in your room than blue. Using lamp covers of this light tone will look beautiful too.

The furniture of the room is quite simple, as with other country bedrooms. Only the wall behind the bed has a patterned white and silver wallpaper that looks very elegant. Adding a round plane round mirror on the wall will also go nicely with the rest of the decor.

7. Wooded Charm

Source: Homedit

This country bedroom idea is simple but looks beautiful nonetheless. With this decor, tall windows and light fabric curtains bring out the best. Instead of a sofa or a wooden chair, a divan has been placed in front of the bed. It can be placed right by the window too if you do not want to crowd the walking space of the room. Using patterned duvet covers or lamps can add some style to this room. The chandelier on top looks quite good with the light wood on the roof of the room.

The large window adds to its stylistic appeal by keeping things nice and bright.

8. Going Traditional Style

Source: MyDataCenter.co

The bed, the drawers and the dressing table are all there in this bedroom and are as traditional as it can get. If you enjoy sticking to the traditional things in your country house, this is the right idea for you. The color of the furniture’s polish stands out becoming the focal point in this room.

But if you don’t wish to use such an eye catching color, you can opt for others like a dark brown shade, mahogany or even white. Decorate the walls with lots of hangings. Instead of having frames of flower pots right above the headboard, you can opt for hanging picture frames. And to wall in the distant area of the bedroom, a conventional wooden wall clock (complete with a pendulum) would look quite nice too.

9. An Attic Country Bedroom

Source: Zacharyhorne.com

If your country bedroom is in the attic of the house, this is the perfect decorating idea for you! First of all, you need to make sure there is not only enough natural light flowing into your bedroom, but that you also have great lighting installed there. Add lamps or chandeliers, but get ample light.

As there is not a lot of space to go for bigger and bulkier pieces of furniture, go for wrought iron bed and small side tables like those shown here. Add in a colorful rug to make the room look brighter. The trunk in front of the bed is not only good for providing storage space in the attic bedroom, but also add some more color to it.

10.  Vintage Bedroom Idea

Source: Edith Evelyn Vintage

This bedroom design is quite different from the others on this list. While most of them focus on minimalism, this does quite the opposite. With numerous decoration pieces and mirrors, this bedroom stands out.

Depending upon your choice for having a lot of decoration, this can be a good idea. The white and gold theme is ideal for such a bedroom. Otherwise, using darker colors would make it look very messy and chaotic. This idea is really good if you have a good budget and area for your country bedroom.

11.  French Charm

Source: Eloquence

This country bedroom idea is back with the ever graceful combination of powder pink and white. The cushioned style of the headboard is one that never runs out of fashion. It also makes it much more comfortable than the hard, wooden or wrought iron headboards. There are no rugs or carpeting in the room and it probably makes it looks more spacious.

Instead of adding two side tables, only one is used that is also saving up some space. Adding a sofa with the same cushioned style as that of the headboard of the bed will be great since it will give more sitting space. The wall does not have any hangings so you can use a very lightly colored wallpapers in the same tones as the rest of the room. The style of the hanging above the bed looks exquisite too.

12. Decorative Country Bedroom

Source: HouseStClair.com

This country bedroom idea pays a lot more attention to the decor than most other ideas. While the same shades of color have been used numerous other methods for decoration have been employed. The decorative plate arrangement above the headboard of the bed is very different and stylish.

The hanging on the roof is of a very unique variety too. The curtains for the windows beside the bed are playful and eye catching. However, for a room this big adding some brighter colors, even darker ones like red or blue would not be a bad idea.

13. A Regal Design

Source: Cabell Design Studio

This country bedroom idea looks very regal and stylish. For those who are not a fan of contemporary styles and decor, this idea is brilliant. There is enough style, color and use of different textures. Even the pattern of the chair’s fabric is extremely intricate and thoughtfully chosen.

The divan is complete with the stylish legs and cushions. The hanging above the bed gives a look to the room that makes it worthy of royalty. The darker shade of green used here is a relieving break from the light tones. A patterned carpet adds even more beauty to this idea.

14. A Modern Look

Source: clickbratislavia.com

This country bedroom has a much more modern look than the rest. It works well with a subtle color scheme without depending on any bold colors. This decor adds to the softness in the ambience keeping thing working in neutral hues.

The sitting arrangement in front of the bed is especially unique. The quotes and sayings on the wall hangings will add a more personal and home like touch to it. The chandeliers are very different too and a nice break from the typical ones.

15. Wood and Such

Source: Multeci.info

This country bedroom idea is ideal for those who want a conventional ‘farm’ like and country touch to their bedroom. The wooden headboard looks look and can probably put together at home using some basic skills and knowledge. The chandelier looks like a good replacement for the typical lights found in city homes. The table right in front of the bed not only looks good but also provides a good space to tuck in some of your shoes or any other belongings.

Since the furniture is on the bulkier side to this look, it is best to keep it minimal instead of cramping the space.

There are so many great decorating ideas to set your country bedroom. Given your choice and personal style, there is so much room to experiment with designs, color combinations and furniture.