Six Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom is one of the most intimate rooms in your home. It is a place designed for you to be most comfortable and relaxed. There are countless ways to transform your bedroom into a place you love to be in not only sleep, but also work and relax.

Below are six factors to think about when redesigning your bedroom to turn it into a cozy haven.

Six Tips for a Cozy Bedroom

Wallpaper + Paint

Choose a wallpaper or a paint color that is inspiring to you. The rest of the house can be a place for the guests and the rest of the family, but the bedroom is a place where you should be able to choose what makes you happy. Pick a color scheme and stick with it.

If you are unsure or not passionate about any color, go with a neutral color. A neutral color such as white, off-white, or cream will allow you to decorate the rest of your room with accent colors.


When deciding on what furniture to have, work with your color scheme, but also think about what purpose your bedroom serves. If this is a place where you will most likely spend a lot of time working or studying, consider putting in a table and lamps. You can always pick pieces out that serve as dual purposes over the course of the day. Look at your current storage space and decide how many dressers you will need. The dresser tops can be a place to store things and place decorations.

Extra Pillows + Blankets

One easy tip that will immediately bring your bedroom to the next level of coziness is having extra pillows and blankets lying around on your bed. This gives it the feeling of being able to relax no matter what time of day and makes your whole room feel soft and warm.

Adding a rug to your bedroom can also make your bedroom feel more intimate. Choose a rug that matches the rest of your color scheme, or a color that will make it pop out from the remainder of the room.

Soft, Ambient Lighting

Make sure the light bulbs in your room are soft and ambient. Lighting can have a huge effect on how we feel, and even adding in a few lamps can make a huge difference. Consider having darker, heavier curtains in your bedroom to create the perfect sleeping atmosphere. Lighting is also a great way to add diversity to your room as you can have different forms of light for various circumstances. Have a headlight for reading or work, open the curtains during the day, and perhaps a night light in the wall.

Personal Touch

Let your personality speak out in your bedroom. Consider including photographs of you and your family and friends. Put pictures of your favorite artwork, sceneries or quotes on the wall. Make your bedroom a place that brings you energy and revives not only your body through sleeping, but also your mind and spirit.

DIY Projects

Consider doing some craft projects for your bedroom. Some easy ones include painting your furniture, putting flowers in a jar, or creating your lampshade. You do not need to be artistically inclined but merely take the time to go through the process of making something for your bedroom.