16 Boy Nursery Ideas & Decorating Themes

You are going to have a new baby in your family and you want to give them a warming welcome. The first thought on any parent’s mind is setting up the nursery. There are so many interiors to choose from that look exciting. There are themed posters, toys, wallpapers and so many other things besides just painting the room blue or pink. If you are looking for boy nursery ideas and baby decorating inspiration, you can browse through this list to find something that will spark your creativity.

1. Spacey Look

16 Boy Nursery Ideas & Decorating Themes for
Source: hartendief.com

If you are running short on boy nursery ideas there is nothing like setting up a spacey look. Prepare by painting the walls with a dark backdrop such as navy blue or mauve. Afterwards, you can either use golden star stickers and other planet stickers that you can purchase online. Paint other shapes and animals along with a raised hammock to complete the look for the little baby boy.

2. Lots of Adventure

the ideal boy nursery decorating ideas for little guys who love adventures
Source: Style Me Pretty

This might among the ideal boy nursery decorating ideas for little guys who love adventures. There are tiny boats, world maps, faux fire pits and other knickknacks that will excite the explorer. You can also add lantern, vintage clocks, and arrow boards to pique the interest of a little boy who has the spark for seeking adventures. Stick to themed colors for bed spreads with quotes and shapes that match the rest of the bedroom. Adding frames with small quotes like “Oh, the places you’ll go” will make it extra special.

3. Super Hero

super hero themed boy nursery
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There is nothing like a super hero for a little boy who he looks up to as he grows up. For baby boy nursery ideas, super hero themed nursery can be really intriguing. An idol like Spiderman, Superman or Batman will be your child’s best friend as they grow up. We all know how little kids idolize superheroes and learn from their strength and virtues. Setting up a Batman themed boy nursery will be exciting for you as well. There are wall posters, stickers, bedspreads and toys that you can use to create the Batman decorating nursery for your baby boy.

4. Tiny Sailor

sailor themed stuff
Source: Project Nursery

For the tiny sailor who will be joining your family, you can use sailor themed stuff. This includes an anchor backdrop with sky blue or navy blue paint and white anchors on the wall. For the bedspreads, you can decorate white or blue shades with anchors and other nautical shapes. You can also add frames with pictures of sea creatures like whales, dolphins, starfish and octopuses. If you want a spark of color, try to stick to various shades of blue or green. This will also give a cooling effect for the baby boy nursery that you are about to set up.

5. The Peter Pan

the Disney classic for the nursery
Source: The Pike’s Place

Most of us grew up reading and watching Peter Pan. It can be the dreamiest of boy nursery decorating ideas. You can imitate the Disney classic for the nursery through stickers of Tinker Bell followed with the stars. Moreover, you can use framed pictures of Peter Pan and cozy cushions that have printed quotes and pictures from the movies. Adding ship motifs will certainly complete the theme. Don’t forget to add frames with the most famous quotes from the story like “Never Grow Up” and “Come with me where dreams are born and time is never planned” to complete the Peter Pan look for the little boy’s nursery.

6. Boho Style Nursery

Boho Style nursery
Source: Project Nursery

There is nothing like setting up a Boho Style nursery for your baby. You can decorate modern stuff for a contemporary look yet add boho vibes to the room. With contemporary wallpapers and plain white paint you will have margin to add cool cot and furniture pieces to the room. You can also add patterned cushions, warmers and plants in the room for a bright room. Adding bamboo furniture or wooden look is essential to this boho style baby boy nursery. You can always add a touch of glamorous frames and lamps that will accentuate the overall look besides adding vases and pots of plants.

7. Black and White Modern Room

a black and white contemporary theme
Source: Nicole Tatem on YLIVING

If you cannot seem to settle for any of the boy nursery ideas, think of a black and white contemporary theme. Black and white is a theme that is timeless and never goes out of fashion. You can paint a white backdrop and add contemporary art to the wall with sleek frames. Moreover, you can easily find matching bedspreads that have polka dots, horizontal or vertical lines and other patterns in black and white. You can settle for either completely black or white crib or find both colors in one too. The options with this particular decorating theme are vast and there is no limit to styling it.

In addition to that, to make the room playful, add tiny objects and toys around the room with fluffy cushions and rugs that will further bring out the theme. Try to stick to matching curtains for the perfect contemporary nursery.

8. Dreamy Clouds

a dreamy clouds theme for the baby boy
Source: Brit+co

The easiest among boy nursery ideas is using neutral colors like blue, white and grey. However, you can always get creative with it and produce a dreamy clouds theme for the little one. Such as, using paint, cotton and motifs to add clouds and rain to the wall. With black and sky blue walls, you can also use clouds with strings right above the string that will excite your baby boy.

Throw in a rainbow coloured rug to contrast the white furniture. Keep all of your shades cool and neutral to add to the simplicity of a cloudy scene.

  1. Mountain View Nursery

Mountain View Nursery
Source: WillsCasa

To spark an interest of adventure and the great outdoors in your son, create a nursery that welcomes the idea. This room is friendly and calm, with white colored furniture that make the fun background of animals, trees and mountain ranges appeal to the eye. The additional placid animal cushioning encourages the decorating idea of approaching and loving animals. Every cute critter inside the room encourages the baby to see and wonder about them as they grow.

10. Star Wars

Star Wars nursery

This is easily the ideal boy nursery idea for all the fans of Star Wars who want to continue their journey of love for these movies. This theme particularly gives you the opportunity to play around with colors like blue, green, red. You can paint the walls with your favorite colors, decorate bedspreads with Star Wars characters and put quotes on the walls. You can find wall art with Star Wars characters on frames, cardboards and other mediums to suit your settings.

Moreover, if you are in the mood to get creative, you can always paint things yourself and indulge in your activity. In short, with this theme, there are no limits. To add to the charm, there are also Star Wars toys that you can easily find online.

11. The Floral Interior

a floral paradise in boy’s nursery
Source: Unique Baby Gear Ideas

This is the safest decorating option to go for because it will look good as well as can be played around with from time to time. For a floral paradise in boy’s nursery, you will need floral wallpapers that will look good with a neutral shade crib. You can either go for subtle shades or bright colors for the wallpaper based on what you like. Adding plants, fairy lights and hammocks will make the nursery look even more charming.

To your delight, add stuffed toys, toy baskets, dressers, seats and rugs with either neutral shades or patterns that match your wallpapers. Floral look will make the nursery feel calming and enchanting.

12. Zoo Themed Nursery

Zoo Themed Nursery
Source: Kara Leigh Interiors

Every child loves animals and so putting together zoo themed boy nursery will be a fun and easy task for you. This could be among the most interesting boy nursery decorating ideas because you will enjoy finding animal shaped stuffed toys and cushions. You can paint the walls with any color and paste wall stickers with animals like giraffes, elephants, lions. Decorate the rest of the room and crib with spreadsheets with animals and stuffed toys.

You can also find other decorations like lamps, wall hangs and chairs that feature animals or animal faces. Keep the theme diverse with multiple animals from the zoo for the perfect safari look.

13. Hot Air Balloons

multi colored balloon decorations
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Have you ever noticed how overjoyed children get when they see balloons? Whether it is helium balloons or hot-air balloons, children love the colorful balls of happiness. For the boy nursery that you will be decorating, you can also get balloons in various sizes for decoration. Some of them also have toys accompanying them which look pretty cool.

You can either stick to the same color or use multi colored balloon decorations. To further make the room playful, add confetti to the wall paint, flags and other decorations. Use cotton to make clouds that will fit the hot-air balloon look along with fairy lights. If you want to make them more realistic, paint a scenic background as well.

14. Yellow Fellow

yellow theme boy nursery
Source: DesignDazzle

The yellow and grey theme has been one of the most favored boy nursery ideas for many parents. It gives parents the opportunity to combine joyful look with a calming effect. You have two options when setting a yellow and grey theme. Either you can add grey stuffed toys and wall paper stickers of owls, elephants and koalas etc. or you can simply use the colors in bedspreads and other furniture.

These two colors are not only unique but also adorable for the baby boy’s nursery. You can be very inventive with these two shades when it comes to interior. Grey rugs and yellow bedspreads are simply among the easier boy nursery decorating ideas.

15. Rainbow Bliss

Rainbow Bliss nursery

There are so many boy nursery ideas that you might be struggling to settle for one. Here’s the catch: why not use multiple colors? You cannot go wrong with using striking and bright shades in the room like red, orange, purple, yellow and blue etc. White backdrop and crib will give you space to have colorful warmers, rainbow abstract art, toys and cushions. You can add a rug with your favorite shades with decorations of various shades.

For the rainbow bliss theme you can also paint a rainbow sprouting out of the clouds that can be set in any corner of the room. There are multiple ways to use rainbow for boy nursery.

16. Baby Genius

baby genius theme boy nursery
Source: Trendlab

If you are going to be raising a smart little boy, you can add ABC’s to his bedroom. You can get stencils to paint the letters, buy wallpaper stickers and posters that will suit this baby genius theme. Placing story books in the bedroom on shelves will additionally complete this look.

If you want to get more particular with using letters and numbers in the bedroom, you can use letters to spell out the newcomer’s name. There are also cushions shaped as numbers and alphabets that will look cute in your little scientist’s nursery.

In short, there are multiple boy nursery ideas that you can incorporate in the bedroom you will be setting up for your baby. You can always get inspired looking at your surroundings and picking out things that will particularly look good in the nursery. There are special toys and decorations for newcomers that will act like charms in the setting.