16 Modern and Cute Bedroom Ideas for Women

The bedroom is a great reflection of the owner personality. This is why women need to be mindful when it comes to decorating her bedroom. There are many details through which she can show off her skills and style. Women can use color combinations, textures, patterns and accessories around the bedroom to create feminine ideal theme. Here are a few bedroom ideas for women that might inspire the décor:

1. Blooming Violet

16 Modern and Cute Bedroom Ideas for Women
Source: ArchitectureArtDesigns.com

Violet is an easy color to work with, and a shade that you can maneuver to cover the room without overdoing it. For this women bedroom setting, you should paint the walls violet or another strong shade of purple. At the same time, the carpet and bed-head should be lilac or lavender to contrast the empowering purple.

Adding accessories such as side tables, couches and seats in the color white will do wonders for this theme. You can also put up chandeliers and decorative pieces to enhance the colors of your violet room. For instance, vases with matching flowers and white frames on shelves, dressers and side tables will create your ideal violet themed feminine bedroom.

2. Luxury Queen

Luxury Queen
Source: DecorAdvisor.net

This is one of the bedroom ideas for women who enjoy luxurious and extravagant décor. You will need a cool backdrop such as pale blue to start with. This will give you the space to use darker shades for the setting. A bed with a grey and black frame decorated with pink pillows and cushions will add the feminine touch to this bedroom setting.

Besides that, to mark this room ideal for women, you should add particular furniture pieces such as a bed bench, wooden chairs and vanity. A heavy and detailed chandelier on the ceiling will do the job of making your bedroom look luxurious and deluxe.

3. Chalk White

Chalk White
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There is no way to go wrong with an all-white theme when it comes to bedroom ideas for women. However, it is essential to pay attention to how you detail white on white. A white backdrop with wood-print tiles will create the space to start layering whites. A white bed frame with white bedding is a great way to create the all-white theme.

The key is to pick various shades of white such as oatmeal, powder, moth gray, and toque white. These shades can be used to choose your lamps and curtains. Add a white bed bench with wooden frame along with wooden side tables to incorporate elegant contrast of shades. White and wooden combination will make the bedroom look spacious and cool as well.

4. Pale is Cool

Pale is Cool
Source: Bedroom-design.net

There are many ways to use pale shades to make the room look feminine for bedroom ideas for women. For instance, using a combination of grey, baby pink and white will certainly make the bedroom look feminine and cozy. A grey backdrop will be a cool background for a white framed bed that is covered with white and grey bedding. Use pale pink cushions and pillow covers to create the feminine theme.

You can add frames that have art made from the same combination of colors, placing them on the walls, bed head or shelves. You add a white desk, side tables and drawers for storage and organization. Adding Aztec printed rugs of the same shades will also make the bedroom look feminine and elegant.

5. Happy Shades

Happy Shades
Source: goodmoodtv.com

Your bedroom can reflect your mood as well. This is why cheerful bedrooms are a great décor idea. This is one of the bedroom ideas for women which can be styled in several ways. However, you can always stick to particular colors. For instance, pink, green and yellow will give you a combination that is bright and cheerful.

You can get matching drapes, cushions and pillows for this setting as well. If you want to maintain the tones, invest in pale shades for beddings and backdrops. A bunch of white roses in a vase will also do the task of balancing out the bright tones with subtler shades. Using shocking pink and green frames will make your room look girly as well

6. Classy Bedroom

Source: Appitivate.co

A classy woman deserves a classy bedroom where she unwinds and finds the inspiration to rule her life. One of the easiest bedroom ideas for women is to use white with beiges to decorate around the room. To fill the room, try adding black and white decorations to outline parts of the room, creating a cozy and cushioned feel. Add caramel brown cushions and warmers on the bed to give feminine touch to the setting.

You can get minimal artwork to hang on the wall made with black and white colors. Adding flowers and framed quotes will also make your bedroom look organized yet fancy. You can place matching bean bags to create a seating area where you can sit and chill. In order to make this bedroom theme look comforting, you can also incorporate a carpet in the following theme.

7. For the Romantic

Source: Family Holiday.net

If you have the touch of 19th century romantics in you, there is nothing better to decorate your bedroom according to your taste. The beddings in pink, white and beiges are the key for this setting. The touch of the daydreaming lovebird will never be complete without all the laces, ruffles and fluffy cushioning. For the furniture, you can stick to wooden pieces with metal feet that have subtle carvings as well.

Adding a traditional floral rug to this setting will satisfy your poetic soul. This is one of the bedroom ideas for women who want a timeless decoration. You can add pink and white flowers in small vases to place on your window sill and nightstand.

8. Chocolate Brown

Source: 1 Decor

Chocolate brown has the potential to look quite dainty when it is organized well. For a mature look around the bedroom that looks feminine still, add drapes in walnut brown color. Adding velvet bedding in chocolate brown will make this bedroom look luxurious as well.

However, you can add the epicene with silk cushions in pink shades along with a matching comforter. If you want to soften the dominating brown, use white furniture with white backdrop so they will balance the brown. Place houseplants, pots and chandeliers to spruce the room up with details that carry the chocolate brown colors.

9. Canopy Bed

Source: Egliseadlafiabko.com

Canopy bed-frames look traditional yet trendy. It is a design that comes from olden times yet the contemporary designs and colors still make the bedroom look modern and grand. Besides the white canopy bed-frame, add a stylish mirror right above the bed. The combination of the two is among the best bedroom ideas for women who enjoy lavish settings.

Use white, lilac and violet shades in the bedroom in order to hint the feminine look of the room. If you are incorporating a work desk, couple it with a splendid artwork piece to further enunciate the opulent and deluxe statement of this décor.

10. Comfort Corner

Source: Damnakangkor.com

Your bedroom is the place where you relax and unwind after stressful days. In order to make your bedroom look like the ideal cozy corner, you can use this bedroom idea for women to incorporate soothing themes. An interesting way to instantly make your bedroom look dreamy is to add canopy to your bed. It not only looks comforting but creates the feeling of a safe haven as well.

Add a bed bench where you can place plushy cushions and a comforter where you can take a break and calm down. For a more feminine touch, add faux flowers or house plants on a dresser in light shades. This is an easy makeover for your bedroom that will make your bedroom look girly and soothing.

11. Cozy and Elegant

Source: InformationSideroad.com

One of the best bedroom ideas for women is to make your bedroom look cozy using neutral shades that are textured and patterned around the room. The arrangement of color scheme plays a huge role in giving the feeling of warmth and comfort. If you are using grey bedding, go for skin-shade artwork on the wall that covers the entire backdrop.

Use similar shades for plushy rugs and fluffy comforters as they will make your bedroom look feminine. You can line up your books in a corner as a way for decorating your cozy bedroom. Use subtle lamps for nightstands on each side to perfect the comfort of symmetry. This is a simple way for decorating the bedroom suitable for women who want to create the relaxing décor look.

12. Back to the 40s

Source: TheyDesign.net

One of the best bedroom ideas for women is to incorporate a vintage setting in the bedroom. This 40s bedroom will start with wallpaper for walls that have an overall print in neutral shades like whites and beiges. The drapes should also be white made from light material to create a subtle and elegant look for the bedroom.

A metal bed frame with intricate and dainty details will be perfect for this setting. You can also purchase vintage frames with pictures that resemble the 40s lifestyle to decorate your walls. Adding a hint of color with flower bouquets in vases or colored side tables will complete this bedroom idea.

13. Trendy Coral

Source: Decoist

Coral blue and turquoise make up an interesting combination for bedroom ideas for women. The key to incorporate this theme is to use these colors in muted methods. For instance, coral blue drapes and a turquoise dresser will complement each other without overpowering. One of the best ways to bring out the coral blue is to combine carrot red furniture pieces and wall art in the room.

This is a unique idea that will make your bedroom look mature yet ladylike. Try to add pots and vases to this décor as they will make your bedroom look breezy and light. On the other hand, the bedding and backdrop should be white so that blues and reds can make the statement.

14. Victorian Woman

Source: HomesFeed.com

The Victorian Era can inspire some interesting bedroom ideas for women. If you want something unique yet ladylike, you should opt for bed-frames that imitate Victorian beds. Such frames are made from wood with extravagant texture and patterns. Using wooden tables, chairs and side tables will be the perfect way to make your bedroom look Victorian.

On the other hand, you can add pink and white beddings to make your bedroom look graceful and girlish. Instead of focusing on the walls, bring attention to your bedroom through traditional brown furniture decorated with colorful objects.

Add Victorian paintings to the wall so the inspiration for your bedroom is enhanced. An interesting way to decorate your Victorian room is to thrift shop for objects like old lamps, decorating plates and other assortments.

15. Bright and Lovely

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There is no need to shy away from shocking pink when you are decorating your room. It is, indeed, a cheerful color that will lift up the spirits of your room as well as keep you feeling happy. Shocking pink bedding will complement the rest of the decorations as well. On the wall, you can add wall art using shades such as yellow, peach, blue and other tropical shades which are bright and vibrant.

This is among the bedroom ideas for women that is suitable for any woman who loves vibrant hues. Use furniture that resembles ash brown or hazel brown wood as it will give a cooling effect to the room. Keep the backdrop light with grey, pale blue or white shades so that you can use colors through frames, artwork and wall art.

16. Shades of Blue

Source: MortonBlaze.Org

Blue is the color associated with men but when it is used correctly, it can be ideal for bedroom ideas for women. Pale blue and sky blue shades can make your bedroom look cloudy and dreamy. For the walls, you will need pale blue with hints of white to create the cloudy backdrop. On the other hand, place a blue rug as a stage for your bed.

Blue beddings, cushions, and side tables will add more details of blue shades in the room. The key to using blue around the room is to use shades that will go along with each other. Besides that, you can add frames and decorative pieces that use similar colors.