DIY Nautical-Look Interior Design for Living Room

If you want to give your home a nautical look and feel, you don’t have to spend a fortune on all new items. You can transform some of your existing home furnishing and almost feel the ocean breeze blowing through your home when you start your DIY nautical-look interior design in the living room.

Couch and Chairs

If the budget allows for a new couch and chairs, go for ocean blue, sea foam green and white for the upholstery colors. If the budget is too tight for new furniture, use slip covers and throw pillow in the right nautical colors as a foundation for the new living room interior design.

DIY Nautical Lamps

Transform any lamp into a sea captain’s lamp with a length of white nylon rope. Select any width white nylon rope you want, then place one end at the base of the lamp and hot glue it into place. Next, wind the rope around the lamp from base to top, making sure each round is touching and none of the lamp’s original color is peeking through. Place dots of hot glue along the winding route to hold the rope in place.

If the lamp shade is a dark color, add a length of the white nylon rope around the top and bottom of the shade, super glue in place, to complete the nautical look.

Update Pillows and Curtains  sea

Give throw pillows and curtain and sea-faring
touch with some of the same white rope used on the lamps. If the rope is narrow, braid 3 cords of it or purchase some thicker rope for these DIY nautical projects.

Measure the perimeter of the throw pillow(s) and cut one or three lengths slightly longer than the measured length. Braid the three lengths if needed, then attach white rope to the outer front perimeter of the throw pillow(s) using hot glue. Run a bead of hot glue along one edge at a time, secure rope in place, then move to the next side of the pillow. Use clothes pins or chip-bag clips to hold rope in place until glue dries.

Measure and braid three lengths of white rope to use as curtain tie-backs. About a 2 ½ foot length is sufficient for fashioning tie-backs. If curtains are plain, use hot glue to attach a length of rope along the inside edge or across the top to add an additional nautical decorative touch.

Bulletin Board and Picture Frames

If you have a cork bulletin board or padded picture holder in the room, update them to with a nautical look by adding sisal cords. Criss-cross lengths of sisal cord across the bulletin board or picture holder, using hot glue to anchor each end on the outer edges of the boards. After you have created a sisal lattice for holding memos and photos, cut a length of sisal to place along the outer perimeter to cover all the loose sisal edges. Run a bead of hot glue along one edge at a time and secure sisal rope into place.

Odds and Ends

Looks around the room, what else can you attach nylon or sisal rope too to give the room a nautical look? Replace a ceiling fan chain and pull with sisal cord and a sailors knot. Cover the nail heads of trimmed furniture with white nylon rope. Hot glue sea shells to a wreath form or around a mirror frame to use a wall art. Scout around yard sales for old mariner items and fishing gear to use to complete your nautical-look interior design.