Top 10 Best Free Standing Kitchen Pantry – Our Picks and Reviews

By definition, a kitchen pantry can be defined as a closet that is used to store utensils, dishes, and food. The idea of a pantry may not appeal to many but it is the overall functional benefit provided that makes people want to purchase it. Some of the best free standing kitchen pantries can do just that and so much more.

For your ease we have highlighted some of the top selling best free standing kitchen pantry cabinets available on Amazon:

1.Nantucket Pantry by Home Styles

The first product on the best free standing kitchen pantries is the Nantucket pantry by Home Styles. This pantry is available in distressed white color and its overall measurement is 30-inch width by 16inch depth by 71-1/2 inch height. The pantry is made using hardwood solid and engineered wood.

This item has an antique look to it features a stylish design. Some of the features of this pantry are that it comes with drawer storage, shelves on top, drawer towards the middle and another underneath the drawer. Each cabinet space has holes created for shelf pins to assist in moving off the shelves up and down.

Unlike other pantries that take up too much space this pantry doesn’t and can be placed anywhere.

Customers who have purchased the item have stated that it was easy to set up and have appreciated the overall making of the pantry. Others have stated that the cabinet is very versatile and appears to be exactly as displayed in the picture.

Overall it is perfect for everyday use and is very sturdy; if you don’t want to store excessive food in the refrigerator you can use this pantry. Customers have also found the manual to be of great help in assembling of the product.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of storage
  • Sturdy construction


  • Slightly pricy product

2.American Pantry Storage Cabinet by Home Styles

Another top selling free standing kitchen pantry is the American Pantry Storage Cabinet by Home Styles. This cabinet is made of hardwood solids and veneers. The features of this item include wood panel doors, adjustable shelves and at the top a diamond shaped carving. The best thing about this cabinet is its distressed oak finish that provides an elegant touch.

The measurement of the cabinet is 30-inch width by 16th-inch depth by 72-inch height. Suitable for keeping all your utensils, dishes and other items, this cabinet is a must-have.

Customers who have purchased the cabinet have found it easy to assemble. They have talked about the overall look of the product and stated that the finishing is perfect.

Customers have also talked about how impressed they were from the overall packing of the product and the ease with which it was set up. They didn’t have to struggle much with the set up as the hinges were already attached which is a plus point for the customers.


  • Easy set up
  • Comes with hinges attached
  • Versatile storage options


  • Product is expensive

3.Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall Storage Cabinet

The next product on the list is a storage cabinet by Ameriwood. This item is perfect placement in any room and can be used for multiple purposes.

This cabinet will help get rid of clutter in any room. Similarly, it can be used for kitchen purposes by storing excess food and utensils. The cabinet comes with 5 inbuilt shelves, three of which are adjustable. The adjustability option allows for easy placement of both large and small items.

The measurements of the cabinet are 74 5/16h * 35 11/16 w* 15 3/8 d. The weight of the product is 140 pounds.

Customers who have used the product have found its adjustable feature to be of great use as it allows for more products to fit in. The cabinet overall is very hard and solid, neither too big nor too small. Customers have said that for kitchen use this item is perfect as it is sturdy and fulfills all the requirements.


  • Comes with adjustable features
  • Ideal size- not too bulky
  • Offers customized storage solutions


  • Assembly takes time

4.Storage Cabinet by Homecharm

Another popular freestanding kitchen pantry is the storage cabinet by Homecharm.  This cabinet has a body made of wood and comes in a packing that needs assembly.

The cabinet is made using high-quality wood and durable painted MDF. A minor complain you may across is the bad odor that exists because of the fresh paint but leave the box open for a while and the smell will fade. The product dimensions of the item are 23.8 x 11.8 x 72.2 inches.

Customers who have purchased the cabinet have found it to be extremely useful in providing space for all kinds of items.

Overall the cabinet was easy to put together and so were the hinges that didn’t require extra adjusting. Customers have specifically mentioned the relief they got with the purchase of this item as it allowed them to build more space by holding together excess items. With that, the overall appearance is appealing and the cabinet can be used and placed in any room. Its use isn’t only constrained for kitchen purposes.


  • Lots of storage
  • Easy set up
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Solid construction


  • May not be as sturdy as advertised

5.Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet

This storage cabinet by Prepac another top selling freestanding kitchen pantry. The cabinet is part of the brand’s elite storage collection and is suitable for use in the kitchen or elsewhere. The cabinet is made using laminate composite wood and comes with 3 shelves, two of which can be adjusted based on need and 1 being fixed.

The cabinet comes with 6-way hinges and handles on doors that are made from metal. The corners of the cabinet are soft edged for safety purposes. Once assembled, the measurements of the cabinet are 32 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 65 inches. Some of the plus points of this cabinet are that it is easy to assemble, comes in neutral colors, is a sturdy and a high-quality item that can be placed anywhere.

Customers who have purchased the cabinet have labeled it the “perfect choice”. They have stated that it is the perfect alternative to buying expensive cabinets that are used for formal purposes. The cabinet is easy to assemble and is made using high-quality material that adds to the advantage.


  • Adjustable storage options
  • Easy assembly
  • Comes with 5 year warranty


  • Durability is questionable

6.Sauder HomePlus Basic Storage Cabinet

This cabinet is unique in the sense that it comes with a hidden storage. It has four adjustable shelves that can be customized according to the need allowing for greater items to be fitted. The levers are also adjustable.

The dimensions of the cabinet are 23.3 x 17 x 71.2 inches. The cabinet is priced reasonably, comes with adjustable shelves, is easy to assemble and has doors that align perfectly.

Plus, the overall design is very elegant and has enough storage to hold up to a number of items. They have also added that given the price, the product provides more than what is expected and is exactly as advertised.

The adjustable layers make it easy to store items of all kinds of sizes, assisting in saving space and removing unwanted clutter. Overall the product has received a positive response from the customers as they find it satisfying.


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Features hidden storage
  • Reasonably priced item


  • Alignment issues observed

7.Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Floor Cabinet

This stylish and popular freestanding kitchen pantry falls in the luxury collection though is very reasonably priced and holds features such as the ease of adjusting shelves. The cabinet comes in a pure white finish and is constructed using engineered wood. The cupboard design is in a crisscross pattern and has panels.

This cabinet can be placed almost anywhere and is suitable for daily use. The measurements of this cabinet are 13 by 26 by 34 ¼ inches. Clear up the mess in your house by getting this storage cabinet that can stock in most excess items.

Customers who have purchased the cabinet have found it to fit easily almost anywhere be it the kitchen, bathroom or a room. They have said that overall it is a nice looking cabinet that is easy to assemble and put up.

Available In different sizes this cabinet is a perfect answer to storing a handful of items. Given the structure of the cabinet, it can double as a nightstand as it has an elegant design.


  • Doubles as a nightstand
  • Sturdy engineered wood construction
  • Suitable for most decors


  • May not be very long lasting

8.Pantry Cabinet by Closet Maid

This cabinet is made using laminated wood and comes with shelves 2 of which are adjustable and the remaining 2 fixed. With this cabinet, you can say goodbye to clutter and organize your things in a more presentable manner.

The cabinet has a very slim line design that adds to its attractive and appealing structure. It is available in 4 different colors and its dimensions are 12.5 x 24 x 59.5 inches. The overall weight of the cabinet is 64 pounds.

Customers who have purchased the cabinet have described it as a spacious and easy to assemble cabinet that allows for excess items to be stored.

They have added that despite being inexpensive the cabinet meets and fulfills the needed requirements and functions exactly as it should.


  • Easy assembly
  • Ample storage
  • Very reasonably priced


  • May not be very durable

9.Kitchen Island by Home Styles

The cabinet provides the necessary storage for kitchen material and comes with additional features such as a flip-up snack bar that can be used for quick breakfasts.

The cabinet has adjustable shelves that can be used to store utensils. It is a versatile and stylish piece that comes with the perfect oak finish.

The island is constructed using sustained hardwood and has a clear finish to it that will protect it from damage on regular use. Some of the added features of the kitchen island include gliding storage drawers, adjustable shelves, rising cabinet door and an antique hardware.

Customers who have purchased the product have said that it is a beautiful storage cabinet that is easy to set up. They have added that it is perfect for kitchen use as it can double as a table allowing you to have breakfast. Further, they have added that the item is easy to assemble and very spacious allowing for storage of multiple items.


  • Functional and stylish item
  • Raised detail cabinet doors
  • Provides ample storage


  • Finish is prone to scratches

10.Ameriwood Home Carver Storage Cabinets

Another of the best freestanding kitchen pantries contender is an item by Ameriwood Home. The product comes with 2 large and 2 small fixed shelves along with 2 drawers and 2 reversible shelves allowing you to store as many items as you wish.

This piece comes unassembled and will require at least two adults who will have to put it together properly.

The dimensions of the cabinet are 64.2″h x 31.5″w x 15.4″d. The look of the cabinet is a soft gray finish and is made using painted MDF along with laminate particleboard.

Customers who have purchased this cabinet have described it as a beautifully designed storage space that is easy to assemble. Plus, they have added that the product is a good investment and can be placed anywhere without ruining the overall look of the house.

It is a sturdy and well-built cabinet that will not disappoint as it has been made in a way to support the stated functions.

If you do not wish to spend a lot of money on buying an expensive cabinet, this might just be the perfect substitute for getting your job done.


  • Looks stylish
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable storage


  • N/A

These are some of the best freestanding kitchen pantries available that can be purchased to add a neater look to the house and the required storage space.

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