15 Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas & Designs to Brighten Up Your Kitchen

For anyone who has an eye for good decor and does not limit that to living rooms or bedrooms only, the kitchen is a very important place to decorate. After all, you all spend a good amount of your time at home in the kitchen. Cooking, dining or even just hanging out makes the kitchen a busy spot. Kitchen curtains are the best way to add some decor to your kitchen. Depending upon your taste, there are many modern kitchen curtain ideas and designs to choose from.

1. Say It with a Quote

15 Modern Kitchen Curtain Ideas & Designs to Brighten Up Your Kitchen
Source: At Home on the Bay

Now this is probably not something that pops in your mind when you think of modern kitchen curtain ideas. Moving away from the traditional cloth or a fabric, this is actually a wooden banner! It serves the purpose of shielding from direct sunlight and idea is very unique. You can paint the wood too, but it looks better with the actual wooden feel to it.

You can paint any other words that mean something to you on it instead of ‘You are my sunshine’. While this idea is really different from any ‘curtains’ you might have seen before, it does have some disadvantage. It does not give you the luxury of pulling down your curtains (especially on prying neighbors or outsiders!). But if your view from the kitchen is anything like this one, you’re good to go with this wooden curtain.

2. Colorful Valance

small and colorful kitchen curtain
Source: Ten Cow Chick

Instead of adding just plain blinds to your kitchen window, you can also add this small and colorful curtain to it. The blinds alone look plain and dull, and let’s face it, they can get boring pretty quickly.

This kitchen curtain idea could be ideal for bringing out some color in your kitchen. You can choose colors to go with the typical brown theme of the kitchen. Or you could really experiment with colors and choose some that really stand out. If you have more than one such window in your kitchen, that makes it even better. The more valances you add, the brighter your kitchen will be.

3. Black and White Statement

This modern kitchen curtain idea uses the good old black and white combination
Source: Dearmotorist.com

This modern kitchen curtain idea uses the good old black and white combination instead of bright colors or patterns. While the stitching is quite plain, without any different design, it does look quite good, especially over a black counter.

If the theme of your kitchen is also black and white, this curtain is perfect for you. It has simplicity and looks very subtle with the rest of the kitchen. For a modern kitchen like this one, adding really different curtains in terms of color, pattern or style would not compliment the kitchen so well. These curtains are ideal in such a situation. Add a vase of fresh flowers like these below it and that is all the decor your kitchen needs.

4. Small Patterned Grey Curtains

Small Patterned Grey Curtains
Source: Living Hours

Again, for a modern kitchen with a subtle look and the ever graceful all-white look, these curtains are perfect. Unlike the curtains you need on the window right above the sink, these curtains need to be chosen with much more care.

These are for windows that are facing the dining chairs in the kitchen. As the first area you sit in early morning with your breakfast or to read the paper, it needs better decor. So put some thought into it.

Imagine the plain white blinds here. They would take away the entire cozy and home like appearance from it. But adding a lot of color or a bright flower pattern would also take away the beauty of its simplicity. These curtains add just enough design and color to the window just beside your dining area in the kitchen.

5. Simple is Nice

This modern kitchen curtain idea has a smaller design
Source: Goichi.me

This modern kitchen curtain idea has a smaller design on it, adding a little more color to the kitchen curtains than the plain unicolor curtains. These are also the curtains that you put up on windows that are beside or near the kitchen dining area.

Using this design over the sink window or any other such place would not look so good, and will probably not even be as appreciated as this. For visitors or friends who have a cup of tea with you in the kitchen, this is where they will sit. So the curtains on this window have to be tastefully picked. The best thing about these is that they are neither too dull, nor too bright.

6. Bright Red Pattern

Source: Scenecult.net

There is not much that will not look good in red. These curtains are proof of that. The entire attention is drawn directly to the curtains and not to anything else in this picture.

For the all-white theme in your modern kitchen, you may not be a fan of just black and white curtains. This is a brilliant alternative. They will not get dirty quickly either, as is the case with lighter colors. The design is perfect and simple for curtains that hang with the window right above the sink.

The big pattern is a relieving change from the polka dots, stripes or small flowers all over the curtain. The combination with white is really is really bringing out a theme in the kitchen.

7. Low Hanging Kitchen Curtains

Low Hanging Kitchen Curtains
Source: ThisAbundantLifeBlog.com

This is another, quite different approach to kitchen curtains. When looking at the design, instead of shielding from the direct sunlight, it is useful in covering the lower space (where you actually stand and work).

The curtains are easily movable so you can slide them sideways or back to the middle whenever you want. They do not even require any complicated stitching like valances do. The light color of the curtains is exactly the color of the rest of the kitchen, giving it a rather monotonous look. If you like the curtains to match the kitchen color like this, using a vase or some other simple decoration in front of the window can be used for decoration.

8. Say it With Green

This kitchen curtain idea uses a brighter tone
Source: Greenite

This kitchen curtain idea uses a brighter tone than the typical light brown, grey or black and white. If you do not want to take the jump and go with a color like red or dark pink, a subtle yet bright color like this green will do the trick for you.

It will go with just about any combination in your kitchen flooring and tiles. Be it black and white like this one, mahogany, light brown, this light green color with go with all. The pattern on it is too small to be noticed, but it is just enough to make it look less plain. The stitching design is also not very complicated so they are easy to put up with just a little help from the internet tutorials.

9. Style it Up

Source: AmazaDesign

This kitchen curtain idea is quite unique and perfect for those who prefer to have a change from the typical styles. For windows that are bigger in size and have more space to experiment with styles, this is a really good option.

These curtains are especially good for windows that are just near your dining space in the modern kitchen. With a simple yet different design like this one, your kitchen does not need a lot of other decoration. The color used here is in a single tone and exactly like the color of the cabinets. However, adding other colors would look really good too.

10. Black And White Patterned Kitchen Curtain

Black And White Patterned Kitchen Curtain
Source: Suprette

This kitchen curtain idea is plain and simple. It is easy to stitch and the pattern is quite easy to find. The fabric used is not very thick. It has a ‘flowy’ and loose touch to it.

For those who enjoy how the breeze from outside makes the curtains move, this simple curtain idea is quite good. It is light on the budget, yet it fulfills the purpose. For a tall window like this, it is better not to experiment too much with design or color. A darker color here would make the already small space look a lot more small and crowded. The problem with this curtain could be that it is too light in color so it might need frequent washing.

11. A Delicate Kitchen Curtain

A Delicate Kitchen Curtain
Source: Nighthops.com

This kitchen curtain idea is perfect if you have enough space and budget. It is ideal for a modern and stylish kitchen rather than the traditional ones with wooden cabinets and marble shelves.

The curtain goes perfectly with the clean and silver washing space. Even though they lack color, the style makes up for it. It is not a fabric that has been used here for these curtains, rather these are like really long chimes or beaded treads. There are quite a few DIY videos on the internet on how to get this look for your curtains, but they can simply be bought off the market too. They would look beautiful while the wind from outside blows them.

A small vase with light flowers will really make the whole place stand out in your kitchen.

12. Bright Red Flowers

Bright Red Flowers
Source: kirindesignstudios.com

If you love to have matching colors and following a theme in your decor, this is just the right type of curtain design idea for your kitchen. It is in fact, the entire kitchen that will compliment your curtains.

The bright red flowers look beautiful with the plain white walls. They align perfectly with the red and white theme of the kitchen, with the red toaster, flowers and cups. Instead of red, you can also use other themes here with white. For example royal blue or purple flower curtains can also make the kitchen look really good. So if you like color more than simplicity and prefer brighter spaces, go for it!

13. A Different Style

A Different Style kitchen curtain
Source: vickitruit.com

For those who are not a fan of experimenting with colors and like to stick to the traditional look, this kitchen curtain idea is the answer. The color goes well with the dark color of the cabinets.

The curtains also serve their purpose of shielding against direct sunlight. The blind below allows for ample light and air to enter the kitchen space. The good thing about choosing a dark color like this one is that it will not get dirty quickly and hence not require frequent taking off, washing and putting back up exercise.

14. Flower Garden

Flower Garden
Source: SiopBoston2010.com

The stitching design of these curtains is different from the other kitchen curtain ideas. It is not exactly difficult to stitch, but the style of pulling them upwards is different, giving it a little oomph.

The color and pattern of these curtains gives a ‘home sweet home’ kind of look. Using a pattern that has fruits or other kitchen related stuff printed on it, will make it look even more perfect in the kitchen. The base color and the color of the design in the curtains is light, making the kitchen area look more spacious and less crowded. It goes quite well with the all-white theme of the kitchen. It also makes it look more tidy and clean, as compared with other traditional curtain designs.

15. Black And White Stripes

Black And White Stripes
Source: Sortachen

This curtain idea is ideal for a black and white themed kitchen. It goes perfectly with the black and white tiles on the floor. It also matches really well with the counters of the kitchen. The fabric is not too thick, and allows light and air to enter the kitchen even when the curtains are drawn.

Using black and white stripes like these instead of a black and white pattern gives a tidier and cleaner appearance. There is no complicated stitching pattern involved and they look quite easy to put up too.

Kitchen curtains can be a great way to decorate your kitchen within a budget and without much extra effort. They can really help bring out some life and color into a space that you use every day and spend quite a good portion of your time in.