5 Library Interior Design Ideas

You don’t have to be an avid collector of books – or even like to read for that matter – in order to entertain the thought of adding a Library Interior Design to your living space. Perhaps you enjoy the ambiance of a room that is filled with hardbacks, or maybe a library would be reflective of the interior design style that you’ve implemented in your decor? No matter the reason, everyone can benefit from a Library Interior Design.

More Than Just Books

Charming, inviting and comforting when needed most, a library design will do more than just offer you a book or two to read; it will bring a classy, entertaining, functional retreat into your home. Save the room for yourself, or set the books aside and add a few other elements to make the space multi-functional for the whole family to enjoy.

Many library designs incorporate several other elements to create a space that not only houses your collection of literature, but also provides a quiet space for homework, Home Office, meeting with a client, or simply a warm and welcoming place to escape for an afternoon nap.

Library Design Elements

  1. Bookcases: Of course, the main and obvious element would be bookcases. If you aren’t fortunate enough to have custom build-ins you can still achieve ample space for all your literature with a little creativity and trip to a home furniture store. Book shelves and book cases come in many different sizes and styles, find one that will be appropriate for your space.
  2. Lighting: A well planned Lighting Design is a must. Due to the main function of the room, you’ll want to be sure to have ample reading light, which can be achieved with lamps or overhead fixtures. However, keep in mind the ambiance of the room as well – soft lighting will be needed for those times you simply want to relax. Placing dimmers on light fixtures will accomplish this nicely. Abundant daylight is a plus.
  3. Furniture: Comfort as well as style should be taken into consideration. Choose fabrics that flow with the decor or go with a soft, rich leather that you can sink into. If your library design is going to provide other functions, such as a scrapbook or craft room, you’ll need a table of sorts with appropriate seating – a desk would also be appropriate.
  4. Accessories: Books and more books, of course! Beyond that, have some fun with accessorizing your home library, here are few things to consider: clocks, fresh florals, classy writing elements, picture frames trimmed in gold or silver, candlesticks, throw pillows and lap blankets, magazine rack, a globe or framed maps.
  5. Decor: Your library should reflect your personality and interior decorating style. Contrary to what you may have seen or heard, it does not have to be stuffy or dark and smell like cigars. Bring your own style into the room. You can easily brighten it up with a lighter tone of paint, colorful area rugs, and wispy flowing window treatments. Go a bit darker by using neutral tones and earthy rustic colors.

Ask a Professional

Have you considered adding a library to your home, but weren’t sure where to start? You will always benefit from seeking the advice of a professional Library Interior Designer. Creating a library is not as easy as throwing a few books on a shelf and calling it good. To achieve the true ambiance and function of the room, consult a professional who will deliver a library that will reward you every single day.

Another hurdle you may be trying to overcome is how much area you think you need to devote to a library. Believe it or not, everyone can carve out a nook for a library. Again, seek the advice of a professional designer who can transform even the smallest closet or empty hallway into a cozy library for one.

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