How to find the most comfortable futon – Our 3 picks and reviews

Futon is a new word added to today’s modern dictionary. It is officially part of the English language now. For people that are avid fans of Japanese culture, you know exactly what futons are. They are the traditional quilted mattresses in Japan that are laid on the floor used as the person’s bed. In the West, it is a kind of low wooden sofa which can be converted into a bed. The latter is more what you’ll find here. Many consumers today are eager to find the most comfortable futon for their home because they know how simple and space savers they are.

How to find the most comfortable futon

You can’t just buy a futon right away without knowing why you want one in the first place. You need to play how to use it since it will affect your decision when you buy one. You need to think about what its main function would be like. Is it going to be mainly for lounging and sitting, or will it be for sleeping? Do you want it to switch between 2 functions every day? Do you want to use it in the guest room or the child’s room?

How you use the futon will also affect the kind of frame that you use and the pad’s quality. For example, if you are going to use it mainly for sleeping, you need to go with a wooden frame as it can offer a firm surface. If this is not something you like, go for a better quality, thicker pad. You can also go for a mattress on top of it to give you a more comfortable futon to sleep on.

If you want to use the futon by switching it to sleeping surface from a seat and vice versa, you choose a futon frame that will be easier and convenient for you to switch between 2 functions.

Futon Size

You should also measure the size of the space you wish to put your comfortable futon in. After you get the idea how big the futon will be that your home can accommodate, you can choose from the variation of sizes available. Just like mattresses, they are available in Full, Twin and Queen size. There is the King sized futon as well, but they are rarely available.

Keep in mind that futons take up a lot of space once they are spread out open. Keep this in mind and consider the space to operate this function when you are out buying a comfortable futon. For example, if you go for the futon chair, opening it up equates to a twin-sized bed. Other furniture that you place beside or around this kind of futon must be easy to move about when you facilitate in opening the futon, especially when you do so frequently.

Futon Style

What style do your prefer? The available futon frames are varied. They come in traditional to the more contemporary look. There are also Asian inspired frames, too. Each are made from different materials such as metal or wood frames. There is also a combination of both, too.

If you want a more traditional look, go for the futons that are made from hardwood frames. Metal frames display a more contemporary style. The frame’s color is up to your perspective, giving you the opportunity to make your very own style statement.

Futon covers will also give you a narrower option with choosing a futon.

What you’ll find from here on out is a variety of the most comfortable futon listed on Amazon. They have all rated 4 stars and above.

Top 3 most comfortable futons – Our picks and reviews

ProductAmazon ratingPrice
DHP Novogratz Brittany Linen Futon, Blue4.2Under 250$
DHP Aria Futon, White4.1Under 150$
DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed, Modern Convertible Couch with Chrome Legs Quickly Converts into a Bed, Rich Vanilla White Faux Leather4.0Under 200$

1.Most comfortable futon under $150:DHP Aria Futon

DHP, the manufacturer behind the Aria Futon product, has long been a leading importer and manufacturer of home furnishing products. They have combined design and innovation, thus bringing value and comfort in every living space. They are also widely known for providing the best furnishings in small spaces, which is evident with Aria Futon.

Durable, sturdy and chic, the Aria Futon sofa bed is an ideal choice for households that are searching for a small bed futon that can fit in small and tight spaces. This futon sofa bed comes with faux leather upholstery, which is easy to clean wherein you only need to wipe off the surface using a damp cloth. This is the perfect comfortable futon couch to put in any room decors.


  • Fusion between style and comfort. The product is an assortment that is rooted from various inspiration designs, thus delivering functional and unique furniture collections in any living space
  • Innovative design and versatile, the company does show commitment to the development with their futon and many other furniture. It is in line with the innovative designs and market trends of today.
  • Easy to assemble. There is no need for assembly tools. All you need to form this futon sofa bed is already included in the package. You can assemble this in just a matter of minutes.
  • Built to last. It comes with sturdy wooden frame construction, thus ensures long-term durability and comfort
  • Wipes easily just using a damp cloth
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Dimensions: 69in x 32in x 29in


  • Very sleek and clean.
  • Worthy of value
  • A very soft feel on the surface
  • Easy to assemble; comes ready with its own assembly tools
  • A great addition to any living space
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Great customer service from the company


  • It is not for people as tall as 6 feet high.
  • Some purchases came with the defective product.
  • Too small for others, especially among tall people

2.Most comfortable futon under $200: DHP Emily Futon Sofa Bed

Another innovation from DHP, the creator of the Aria futon, a stylish and sleek futon sofa bed, it is a contemporary futon bed that is fitted for any kind of room. The sofa can be adjusted easily from sitting form to other positions like sleeping or lounging. It also features split back to add more personality to it. Its material made of faux leather is very easy to clean. Its cushions make the whole sofa bed a very comfortable futon to rest on as they stay stable and resistant even after being used daily. Its foam and polyester filling also offers ample comfort. Its sleek, modern and versatile look do make it look better in any living space, whether it is at home or in the office.


  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Pull-down sofa couch, tufted faux leather
  • Pairing it with the Emily Chaise Lounger will turn this sofa bed into a Queen-sized sleeping bed
  • Converts into various positions easily: sleeping, lounging or sitting
  • Split-back that suits any needs
  • Modern design and look with its chrome metal legs
  • You can mix and match to your preferences: futons and loungers, white and black; and shipped to your doorstep
  • Seat height: 16 inches high and 23 inches deep
  • Folded up measurement: 32in high, 71 inches wide and 34 inches deep; sleeping dimensions 70.5in x 43.5in x 15.5in


  • Can be wiped easily using a damp cloth
  • Built to last
  • Easy to assemble; assembly tools already included in the package
  • Looks amazing, sophisticated for any living space; can be used in the office
  • Low-end price for a very high end look
  • Very comfortable to sit, lounge or sleep on
  • Great for small bedrooms
  • High quality for its affordable price


  • Not recommended for sleeping use daily

3.Most comfortable futon under $250: DHP Novogratz Brittany Linen Futon

If you want that feeling that you’re embraced by something very comfy, look no further than the Novo Gratz Brittany futon. It comes with a cushioned tufted back, thus providing full body support where all you need is just to sit back and relax as many hours as you want. Its combined slanted legs and curved armrests work equally together in which it provides a unique look that really stands out. Its linen upholstery provides a new piece of elegance into this amazing and most comfortable futon sofa bed into any form living space.


  • Ribbed and tufted cushioned back
  • Stylish linen upholstery
  • Sturdy wooden frame construction
  • Comfortable foam and polyester filling
  • Slanted wooden legs; oak colored
  • Weight: 84 lbs
  • Dimensions: 34.5in x 81.5in x 31.5in


  • Easy to assemble
  • Fairly stiff
  • Provides amazing support; great for those having bad back experiences
  • Very firm; soft linen fabric
  • One of the most comfortable futon ever


  • Padding is inadequate
  • Others may find assembly quite tedious
  • Not recommended for anyone owning a sleeper futon; needs more padding for this reason

This is not all the most comfortable futon that you can find on Amazon. You will find more 4 star and above-rated futons in this online shop, but don’t forget to use the guide written above. It will narrow down your choices and you can shop quickly if you are pressed for time.

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