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Friday, February 27th, 2015

Interior Design Inspiration - Photographer Mike Penn’s Urban Living Space

Interior Design Inspiration: Photographer Mike Penn’s Urban Living Space

Your home should be a reflection of your personality and interests and a place you love to be at both to work and relax. If you are looking to transform your home into a creative living space, here is [...]

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Buyuk´s work as photographed by the Boston Globe.

Boston, Massachusetts Designer Helps Clients Create Dream Spaces

Residential interior designer Lisa T. Buyuk has helped clients create dream spaces since 1995. The Boston-based designer launched Buyuk Interiors in 2002 after working with two nationally recognized B [...]

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Sallie Smith

Pennsylvania Designer Aims for Total Client Wellbeing

Sallie Smith intends the effects of her interior decorating to reach far beyond the usual measures. ¨My goal is to provide the finest personal service that enlivens the senses, instills wellbeing and [...]

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Oregon Designer, Cheryl Von Tress, Uses Skill for Greater Good

Cheryl von Tress uses her interior design skills for the greater good. The Jacksonville, Oregon. designer has volunteered her services to a number of local nonprofit organizations, including DoveSong [...]

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Myers Interior II

Portland Designer, Jennifer Myers, Focuses on Development for Builders and Developers

Jennifer Myers’ interior design roots can be traced to working with her father, a builder, many years ago. The experience ignited a lifelong passion for the profession. Myers founded J Myers &am [...]

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North Carolina Designer’s Work Spans Geography, Architectural Styles

Nancy Olson isn’t intimidated by architectural variation. The Pinehurst, N.C. interior designer has performed her work on log homes in Wisconsin, villas in the mountains of North Carolina, and c [...]

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Houston Designer Pushes Limits of Design

Houston native Blake Woods sees design as the basis for a homeowner´s general quality of life. ¨I believe that design has a profound impact on mood and purpose in environments,¨ said Woods, who has [...]

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Fallon Living Room

Residential Designer is a ´Vibrant Expressionista´ in Silver Spring, Maryland

Fallon N. Loving draws from more than a decadeś experience in artistic creativity within the arts as well as customer service in fashioning residential designs for her clients. She graduated with hon [...]

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Adl´s Amazing, Creative Mind Delivers for Customers

Soheila Adl is principal designer and a partner with AT DESIGN, of Rancho Santa Margarita, California. Adl earned her bachelorś degree at the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, Calif., as [...]

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David Schaf

New Jersey Designer Sees Projects as Sum of Their Parts

David Schaf sees interior design as a sum of its parts. It isn’t enough, he says, to choose a pretty pillow or a piece of art – a designer has to capture the client’s unique personality [...]

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