American Country Design Ideas

Just as the name implies, the American Country design style is all about bringing forth thoughts of simple, down home American comfort. American Country interior design is very popular with those looking to create an escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. If you are looking to create an American Country design theme in one room or even your entire house, it is important to familiarize yourself with what you will need.

Again, the American Country style is all about bringing forth comfort and American heritage. The decorating style can include simple patterned fabrics and furniture, as well as distressed looking and unrestored pieces. This helps to create a “lived-in” look that is very inviting to guests. Also adding to this look are rough wooden beams, old stone or brick fire places, and wide plank wood flooring. Window coverings are usually just as simple and rustic; thin materials and pale colors are widely used for curtains and the like. To make sure you create an authentic look, work with an American Country interior designer who has experience in recreating this design style.

American Country Overview

  • Colors: Soft, muted colors with a hint of wear are perfect for American Country styling.
  • Fabrics: Simple patterns such as stripes, checked prints or floral patterns go well with the American Country style and can bring interest to the room
  • Furniture: Any worn or antique furniture usually fits perfectly. Look to a relative’s attic or the flea market for affordable, simple pieces.
  • Decorations and Accessories: The best accessories for your American Country design include hand-made pieces such as pottery, woven baskets, carved wood, or hand-formed metal decorations.

American Country Style Furniture

If you are going for an American Country design style, then you will undoubtedly want to know what furniture to choose for your room or entire house. American Country furniture should be practical and mildly decorative; simplicity is very important. As mentioned previously, the worn out and “used” look really helps your furniture kick off this design style. It would even be acceptable to leave some furniture bare. Decorations and accessories should be “natural” such as woven baskets or pottery.

Wood Floors and American Country

If there is one thing about the American Country design style that should be watched closely, it is the flooring. Almost always, the most popular flooring type in classic American Country homes is wood flooring. While other materials, such as stone, can be used as flooring, there is nothing that says classic American Country like a vintage or vintage-appearing wood floor.

Create Your Own American Country Style

One great thing about the American Country design style is that you have plenty of freedom to mix in what you like and want to add to your space. There are no specific materials or items that would be unacceptable for American Country. After all, part of the charm of this design style is in the individualism and heritage of classic homes built and inspired by our country’s pioneers. As long as you leave modern materials like stainless steel or granite counter tops out of the picture, chances are you won’t go wrong.

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