Coastal Interior Design Ideas

You can almost feel the sea-breeze in your hair and sand beneath your toes, can’t you? If you are wanting to recreate the laid back, comfortable, clean, cottage style that you’ll find nestled against a coastline, then a Coastal Interior Design is going to give you a means to do just that. No sand required.

Bring Your Vacation Home

When creating such a “vacation spot” in your home, there are many elements in which you can draw inspiration. Let your mind wonder and picture yourself soaking in the sun on a sandy, white beach, with seagulls yakking above, and the waves crashing in on the coast.  Now, transfer those thoughts into an image of colors and texture, for instance; the sunny, warm sky = blues and yellow.

Take it a step further … how about the beach? White, sandy, seashells stuck in the sand.  And the water? Shades of blue-green, and white caps. What else comes to mind? Fishing nets? Boats off in the distance? Lighthouses? Striped umbrellas and beach chairs? Maybe even a Margarita glass? Depending on your view of the beach, this is a great way to gather ideas to implement into your new Coastal Interior Decor.

If you have never experienced the beach on a personal level, check out magazines dedicated to coastal destinations, or better yet, contact a Coastal Interior Designer to take all the guess work out of it for you!

Main Elements of a Coastal Interior Design

  • Furniture: Coastal designing can mean different things to different people when it comes to the style of furniture. The best advice is to keep it casual and simple. Bamboo and wicker are popular choices. Don’t be shy about bringing the outdoor wicker chairs inside! Incorporating stripes and other patterns with the fabric will also create a happy and enjoyable atmosphere.
  • Walls: Keeping your colors light and breezy will allow the true coastal experience to enter your home. Soft palates work well, but bright colors bring “happy” into the room.  Don’t forget the basic clean statement of white which is easily achieved with bead board panelling and accents.
  • Windows: Less is better when considering a Coastal style of design. However, if you are seeking privacy there are many window treatments available that can marry the two together nicely. White shutters would be a perfect choice as they will not only compliment the bead board, but will provide you privacy when needed.
  • Flooring: Although sand is appropriate on the beach, you are best to stick with hardwood floors or even glazed flooring, such as concrete. Clean, simple, and uncluttered is best. Lighter colors for hardwood and cheerful throw rugs will bring the room together.
  • Accessories: Here is where the fun begins. Remember the fish nets, boats and sea shells we talked about earlier? Without complicating the room, add small touches here and there that will bring these elements to life. Be on the lookout for picture frames that have netting, or a nautical theme. Bring in live plants. Use images of anchors and starfish in your fabric patterns. How about a sand filled jar containing your own souvenirs from the beach. There are literally countless ideas. Don’t forget the fish!
  • Lighting: Again, rattan or wicker incorporates nicely with lamps, or implement another type of texture that reminds you of the coast, like sea shells. Wrought iron is a popular choice to bring an element of metal to the room. Hurricane lanterns provide light as well as an extra touch of decor that compliments the theme.

Breathe Easier with a Coastal Design

Coastal Interior Design is not only a fun, Coastal Interior Design Ideascreative way to decorate, but it also brings an element of Feng Shui Interior Design into your home as the ambiance can be cathartic to your soul. You will just breath easier within your surroundings as they emmulate the carefree days at the beach. Can’t you just hear the waves, now?

For more information on Coastal Interior Decorating, or to gain inspiration on other ideas for home decor, check out our Interior Design Ideas and Photos. If the time comes to consult a professional, you’ll find our interior designer directory contains experienced design firms in all areas of interior decorating.