Home Theater Interior Design Ideas

Lights! Camera! Action! In today’s media filled society it’s hard to escape the reality that we are obsessed with entertainment, especially when it comes to enjoying it in our own homes. Choosing to equip one of your rooms with a Home Theater Interior Design will literally bring the world of entertainment to your doorstep.

Home Theater Interior Design Ideas

Unfortunately, and perhaps much to your dismay, creating a Home Theatre is a bit more involved than just sticking a television set in the corner of your living room and turning up the volume. If that were the case, we’d all be the proud owners of a home theatre, wouldn’t we? However, the good news is that with the right plan and equipment, you will be well on your way to obtaining your own bragging rights for the ultimate home theater experience.

Know Your Limits of Expertise

Not sure you can achieve such status on your own? It can be easier said than done. You may be a master of Garage Organization, but when it comes time to install electrical components, or wire the surround system, you may not know a subwoofer from a DVD player. However, don’t let that stop you from achieving your dream of having the ultimate experience in a home theater design! There is help! Try consulting with an experienced Home Theater Interior Designer – you will not just receive professional results, but you will decrease the amount of time it will take for your friends to say … “Wow!”

Planning Stages of a Home Theater

  • Do Your Homework: The most important step in planning your home theater room is to have a plan. Bring pen and paper to the table and sketch a layout based on the room in which you are incorporating your new design. Take note of outlet locations, as well as objects that are permanent fixtures (in the room). You’ll want to design your theater system around these elements to avoid making mistakes in the placement of your components. Having a rough sketch, including measurements, will give you a good foundation for building your dream entertainment room.
  • Know the Purpose: Are you planning on inviting Steven Spielberg to an exclusive showing of the latest flick, or is the room merely for your own entertainment? Will your kids be able to use the room for cartoons, or will the rated “G” movies be on the bottom of the play list? Perhaps it will serve as a multi-functional area such as an office or game room. If you know the purpose, you’ll be able to decorate the theater room properly, as well as gain perspective on the equipment you will – or won’t – need.
  • Seating: Having your plan in place is essential in order to help you with your seating – you’ll have a clearer idea on the space. and the amount of seating you’ll need. You can easily find theatre style seating in many home decor businesses, as well as online. Select seating that has cup holders and arm rests for an added element of theater convenience and style. Choosing the correct seating for your decor will make all the difference between having a “family room” or having a “Home Theater Room”.
  • Decor: There are no rules here, however, keep in mind that the screen will be the focal point of the room, therefore, it’s recommended that you keep the colors (in the room) fairly dark, so as to enhance the contrast of the screen from it’s surroundings. This is a good rule of thumb for any cabinets you’ll be using to contain equipment or components, as well.
  • Accessories: Although not necessary, accessories will compliment the ambiance and help to achieve a true theatre atmosphere. Think along the lines of movie posters or memorabilia. Many home theaters incorporate a bar or concessions, of sorts, to provide a means of storing treats and beverages. Popcorn machines are not only nostalgic, but operational, and will assist in bringing all your senses in line with an actual theater experience.

Technical Stuff

Creating a home theater design is more complicated than just putting in the appropriate decor. Having the right components – not too mention having them installed correctly – will make or break your end result. If you aren’t using professional help, you will need to invest some time and do your homework. There are many qualified resources – on and off line – that are available to assist you in the process of setting up your new theater components.

With your big screen in place, the chairs aligned, and the surround sound perfected, you’ll only have a couple more things to do before you can thoroughly enjoy your new home theater … butter the popcorn and dim the lights.

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