Traditional Interior Design Ideas

If you have been wanting to implement a style of design in your home that reflects a time gone by, but yet is still transitional enough to fit in with your modern day style of decorating, then choosing a Traditional Interior Design for your living space will encompass all that and more.

By utilizing a Traditional method of designing, you’ll be embracing the feel of luxury and opulence that once resembled the Baroque Interior Design, which was so prominent in the 18th and 19th centuries – and yet it is brought up to date with furnishings that are calm, orderly, casual, and toned down so you won’t feel overpowered by all the bling that was so intertwined with the Baroque Style – but you will feel all the richness that it stood for.

No Clutter Allowed

If you prefer clutter and chaos, a Traditional style of decorating will leave you feeling bored and restless. It’s tailored to make you feel at home, but it’s also refined and classic so you won’t find any collections out and about on display, or furnishings that don’t have a purpose in the layout of the room. You will however, find the living space to be almost formal, pristine – and yet oddly comfortable and casual at the same time.

When different styles of decor are combined to achieve a single one, there is always the chance of the style going awry due to all the different elements that must come together. Choosing to hire a Traditional Interior Designer will take the guess work out of the designing process and give you the ultimate chance in achieving the perfect design.

How to Achieve a Traditional Style

  • Furnishings: Generally, your furnishings will match each other and be paired up. They might be centered in the room in an orderly symmetrical fashion so as to give the impression nothing is out of place. Furniture will more than likely be reproductions with comfortable, decadent upholstery that cries out to be touched. Edges are soft and smooth and all of it blends together harmoniously.
  • Colors/Walls: A Traditional room is often neither bright nor dark, but somewhere in between with just the right balance of patterns. Multi colored soft florals are prominent in regards to upholstery and accessories, but not necessary. A higher quality of fabric is generally chosen as it lends itself to the opulent feel without being over bearing. You’ll find chair railings as well as crown mouldings common in a Traditional style home.
  • Accessories: Home decor is prominent, but it’s placement is not – everything should be symmetrical and balanced, for instance; when placing a lamp on an end table next to a sofa, you should repeat the lamp on the other side (of the sofa). Two pieces of artwork would be displayed side by side on a wall, aligned and with purpose. When displaying china, vases, or other items, keep them in unison and properly arrangement to blend with other home decor.
  • Dining Room: In a Traditional home you’ll find the Dining Room in a separate living space complete with built in corner cabinets for dishware and a matching side board. The dining set would be made of a hard wood with matching, evenly distributed chairs. Throw rugs make a nice addition to a hardwood floor, however, carpet is also a popular choice and is usually a neutral complimentary color that blends with the walls.
  • Window Treatments: An abundance of choices are available, however, staying true to a Traditional design would encompass using a combination of shutters, traverse draperies, and under treatments of pinch pleated sheers. Cornices and valances may also be featured. Keep the fabric of the Window Treatment matching the furniture upholstery for the perfect end to the perfect room – rich, inviting and refined.
Traditional Interior Design Ideas

Traditional Bedroom – Notice the Symmetry

Have You Live In a Traditional Designed Home?

The 20th century established many Traditional homes, especially in the 60’s and 70’s, and you may be surprised to learn you may have grown up in one. Did you have a room in your house as a child that was off limits? One that was always pristine, void of crackers in the sofa or stains on the coffee table? The one where your Mom would “gasp” if she saw you playing with your toy cars on the arms of the furniture? You know, the room where only “guests” were permitted. More than likely, that was your Traditional Interior Designed Room.

A Traditional Style Dining Room

For more information on a Traditional style of decorating, or to get inspired with other designing options, please visit our Interior Design Ideas and Photo’s page. And when the time comes to reach out for a professional opinion you’ll find our interior designer directory filled with qualified, talented designing firms that can assist you with all areas of design in our home, office, or business.