Basement Interior Design Ideas

Have you been scratching your head trying to come up with a Basement Interior Design that will bring life to that dark, dank concrete space under your house? Don’t get discouraged, basements no longer have to be the dungeons and creepy spaces they once were. With a little imagination and inspiration you can create a warm, inviting and truly amazing extension of your home.

Basement Interior Design Ideas

Basement Design

Not Just for Storage Anymore

Unless you are living in a newer home, you may be using your current basement (more or less) to hold the excess you’ve accumulated throughout the years – but don’t let that hold you back in regards to utilizing the extra footage as living space instead of storage space. If you are intimidated by the whole thought of a dealing with a remodel, contact a professional Basement Interior Designer for their expertise and guidance.

Ideas to Utilize your Basement

  • Rent it Out: If your basement has a separate entrance you may want to consider cashing in on renting it out. If that’s your desire you’ll want to be sure and create your plan of action around it – as it will require necessities such as a separate bathroom and kitchenette.
  • Office: With the right lighting and organization you can create the office or work enviroment you’ve always wanted. Again, if you have a separate entrance you can even capitalize on operating your business with the public – and you can’t beat the commute.
  • Game Room: Most basements have more than enough space to accomodate a pool table, darts and other family games. Add a bar and turn the game room into a classy, welcoming neighborhood retreat.
  • Childs Playroom: A perfect haven for children or grandchildren … consider using softer furnishings and equipting with plenty of child safe toys.
  • Gym: No excuses not to hit the gym when it’s only a few steps away! Mirrors, tv’s, a juice bar and of course exercise equipment, will give you the motiviation to actually stick to your New Year’s resolution.
  • Guest Quarters: Perfect for overnight or extended company. They will feel right at home with the extra privacy and you’ll feel more comfortable knowing they can’t hear you snore.
  • Extra Living Space: Maybe you simply want to utilize the extra space for the whole family? With the extra footage you receive in a basement remodel you’ll have more than enough room to host all the family holidays.

Basement Design

Your Basement Design Plan

No matter which direction you decide to take with your unclaimed space, your first decision when considering a basement design is to make a plan. If you don’t have a plan in place you will be designing blindly – which will lead to lost time and extra costs.

As an example, if you decided to decorate your home with a Contemporary Interior Design you would have either hired a professional designer or did research on that design style. The same thing applies to designing a basement, you need to research your options and have a plan of action.

Reclaiming that dungeon may seem like a daunting task, but the rewards you’ll reap will be pay you back ten fold.

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