6 Master Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

There are very few places in your home, if any, where you can go that will result in the ultimate escape – where you can feel pampered, revived and rejuvenated. However, the good news is that if you are contemplating a new Master Bathroom Interior Design, you can create a paradise within the confines of your own home that will indulge your body and soul with comforting amenities found nowhere else in your home.

What’s Considered to Be a Master Bathroom?

Master Bathrooms are generally located off the master bedroom, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. If your bedroom doesn’t have it’s own bath, you can easily incorporate a redesign to include pampering ideas that will indulge all your personal whims – as well as benefit your family and guests. (A good lock on the door will create all the privacy you need).

If you are in the process of building your home, then you no doubt have been giving some thought to incorporating plans for the ultimate Master Bath. Consulting a professional Bathroom Interior Designer will help ensure that you get the latest and greatest in amenities, as well as making certain you get the design of your dreams – leaving no comfort stepping stone unturned.

Considerations for a Master Bath Design

  1. Your Layout Matters Most: The number one factor in deciding your Master Bath is going to be the layout. It will determine how many features you can implement as well as determining your decorating style and method. Putting pen to paper will keep you from making mistakes and ensure that you get the most out of every inch of this (more often than not) small room.
  2. Closet Space: When building a home, Closet Designs are usually worked into the plans, however, they can be commonly overlooked. Determine how much of the bathroom space you’d like to reserve for the closet. Would you like a complete walk-in, or would you prefer just a small utility closet to hold excess toiletries? If remodeling a current bathroom, this is also a major consideration. Keep in mind, if space is at a premium, there are plenty of other options for storage without having to implement a closet design.
  3. Cabinets, Tubs, Toilets, Showers …: Your builder or Interior Designer will be able to assist you with finding just the right size of fixtures to fit in your space. Knowing the measurements beforehand will help you with your layout plan and keep you from having to haul these large items back to the home improvement store. Choose these items carefully, many of them are now Energy Efficient and offer many other amazing functions, such as jets in your tub, and surfaces that are easy to maintain without sacrificing beauty.
  4. Windows: Fans work beautifully to keep the moisture down, but there is nothing like an open window to allow steam and odors out – while letting sunshine and fresh air in. Many choose to use glass blocks in larger windows for privacy and opting to have a smaller window that opens and closes. You can easily select a Window Treatment appropriate for your bath which will offer you the privacy you need while still allowing it to function as it was intended.
  5. Lighting/Ambiance: In a Master Bath, those two words are synonymous. A good Lighting Design is a must. Things to consider would be lighting for general purposes, but also for vanity. An overhead light will surely be the most beneficial, but you may also want to consider using lamps strategically placed on the counters (safety first, of course) to offer a bit of ambiance as well as direct lighting – it also adds a nice decorating touch. Candles positioned on the surround of your bathtub will be a constant reminder of how romantic and soothing your bathroom can be.
  6. Accessorizing Your Bath: Beyond the normal amenities; towels, rugs, shower curtains (if required), and other niceties, there are a few additional accessories that can transform your bath from the boring room where you shower and change, to the ultimate retreat where you unwind and regroup from the stress of the day. Consider adding live plants, beautiful florals (fresh or dried), romantic personal photos, extra mirrors – full length and otherwise, candles, a small bench or chair with pillows, and music – piped in or plugged in.

6 Master Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Not What They Used To Be

Master Baths have really become so much more than what they were originally designed for – they have become an extension of your home and of your own personal space. It doesn’t really matter the size of your bath, there is always room for the little incidentals that will turn the dreaded “potty” room into a sanctuary that beckons your name when you arrive home at the end of the day – a perfect little retreat that can indulge all of your senses.