Interior Design Ideas & Tips
  • big-size-bookshelf-design-in-living-room-770x513
    Go Bold with Bookcases in your Living Room Interior Design

    Adding depth and color to your living room is not just the task of your mobile furniture pieces. The couch serves its purpose, but can change with the seasons to reflect new fabrics and accessories. Y [...]

  • wall2
    Wall Art Ideas for Bathroom Decor

    The bathroom is a tricky place to hang wall art, but leaving the walls bare makes the room feel like it’s only halfway decorated. The steam, moisture and various spray items that circulate around in [...]

  • bedcarpet
    Consider New and Improved Carpeting for Bedroom Floor Covering

    Wall-to-wall carpeting had its hay-day a couple of decades back, since then hard floor surfaces have taken over the floor covering industry and pushed carpeting out of the limelight. The competition f [...]

  • sea
    DIY Nautical-Look Interior Design for Living Room

    If you want to give your home a nautical look and feel, you don’t have to spend a fortune on all new items. You can transform some of your existing home furnishing and almost feel the ocean bree [...]

  • ba11
    Using your Guest Bathroom Interior Design to Learn

    Choosing a single space in your home to experiment with is a wonderful way to hone your skills as a DIY designer. A guest bathroom is the perfect choice, as it is not heavily used in day to day routin [...]

  • kk
    Go Bold with Kitchen Interior Design

    One single element can bring a room to life, and your kitchen is no exception. Whether it is an avant-garde solution to appliances, or a funky approach to exposed storage for plates and flatware, choo [...]

  • frame
    Frames in Focus

    Adding depth and dimension to any space can be a project that goes beyond wall color. Framed art is a great way to increase the sense of space, adding a hard-scape of three dimensions with complimenti [...]

  • storage
    Space Creating Solutions for the Bedroom

    A common denominator that we can commiserate about is lack of storage space. We need more space to put our stuff. Sounds funny when phrased like that, but it’s the truth of the matter- another s [...]

  • living
    Opportune Times to Redecorate your Living room

    Working on the principle that your interior design does not need to be a static concept, you can introduce a variety of looks matched with the seasons as they come along. But simply having the desire [...]

  • bath
    Update a Bathroom with These Cheap and Easy DIY Ideas

    Due to the room getting frequent use, bathrooms get grungy looking quicker than the rest of the house. The small room also costs big bucks to remodel and when those big bucks are not in the budget, us [...]

  • reception
    Developing a Personality for your Commercial Space

    Step out of the box by thinking about reducing your big greeting space. The high ceilings and imposing receptionist desk can be stand-offish, so look for ways to inject a little humanity into your pub [...]

  • kk2
    Three Cost Cutting Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

    Homeowner’s are divided into two groups: those who have remodeled their kitchens and those who want too. If you fit into the latter category and want to update your kitchen but a tight budget is [...]